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How Does VMware NSX Help the vSphere Admin? Learn on the #DEMOCAST

As a former system admin, a visual learner, and someone who likes to see things happening (fast), I get weary of technology solutions that are presented with a lot of talk and little action. You know the presentations I’m talking about – those with 30, 40, 50, 80, or 100 slides or honestly, any presentations that never shows me the technology “in action”. If we are talking about hybrid cloud, I want to see AWS and vSphere communicating (for example). If we are talking about storage performance, I want to see the IO charts from the storage array management tool. If we are talking about network troubleshooting, I want to see traffic flows and some CLI.

If you’re like me and you want to SEE technology solutions really working and get your questions answered about them, you should join me on the new #DEMOCAST series of events. In this (relatively) new event series, that’s what we do – show you enterprise tech solutions


Most every company out there is using server virtualization in the datacenter and the majority are using VMware vSphere. Just as the ESXi hypervisor virtualized physical server into virtual machines, the NSX network hypervisor is able to virtualize network components such as routers, switches, load-balancers, and more. VMware says that one day VMware NSX will be as prevalent in the datacenter as ESX (vSphere) is today.

Sure virtualizing the network components sounds like it would provide greater efficiency and in the datacenter and would likely lower costs but what would it do to the day-to-day life of the vSphere Admin and the Network Admin?

To answer those questions I invite VMware’s Director of Security Transformation, Christopher Campbell, and VMware’s NFV Engineer and 8xCCIE, Neil Moore onto the ActualTechMedia #DEMOCAST. However, I want to do more than just get some verbal answers to those questions and hear some fancy-pants buzzwords – I want to SEE the NSX in action so YOU CAN SEE how it would make your life easier and better you company.

vmware-democast2In fact that’s the whole point of the #DEMOCAST – to see a real enterprise technology solution in action in less thing than it takes you to eat your lunch.

We’ll kick it off with a couple of quick slides then jump right into a ~30 minute screen share. In this case, you’ll learn:

  • What VMware NSX is and How it Helps
  • How VoIP traffic flows through a virtual infrastructure and see the traffic with NSX
  • How to administer VMware NSX and the critical network components it provides]

Join us!