1. News

    ActualTech Media To Give Away 10,000 Gorilla Guide Books at VMworld 2018!

    We're excited to announce that, for the very first time, ActualTech Media will be exhibiting live at VMworld 2018! We want as many people as possible to get their hands on the latest Gorilla Guides so we've reserved our very own booth, #2244, to give away 10,000 free Gorilla Guides to attendees a… Read More

    By Geordie Carswell
  2. CIO

    How Digital Transformation Is Like a Diet

    I don’t like to bring too much personal baggage to my writing and this may be a little corny, but one of my current undertakings has some real-world parallels to a modern technology-centric business trend, so here I go… Big Change Requires Big Commitment As so many know, losing weight is reall… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  3. Podcast

    036 - Who’s Your Cloud Daddy? Secure Backup on Amazon Web Services

    There are three critical pillars of data protection: backup, restore and disaster recovery. But when it comes to protecting your data in the cloud, advanced security countermeasures and infrastructure management become part of the holistic solution. That’s what Cloud Daddy CEO Joe Merces and Actua… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  4. RoadCast

    Imanis Data Applies Machine Learning to Data Management

    What can Machine Learning, applied to data management, do for you? That’s the question posed by ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe to Imanis Data in this RoadCast video. Scott talks to Imanis Data CEO John Mracek about the growing problem of data that’s growing, especially unstructured data. Ima… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  5. News

    Blue Medora’s BindPlane Expands Multi-Cloud Support

    Blue Medora today announced support for two new cloud platforms - Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud - for BindPlane™, the industry’s first monitoring integration as a service (MIaaS). BindPlane addresses the common challenge most data center operations teams experience - gaining a comprehensive… Read More

    By ActualTech Media
  6. News

    E8 Storage Adds Toronto-Based Cognosystems As A Solutions Partner, Expands Into Canadian Market

    E8 Storage today announced that it is expanding into the Canadian market with the addition of CognoSystems to its growing base of channel partners.  With recent customer wins in the US and EMEA markets, E8 Storage is primed for continued growth and is pleased to be gaining traction in the Can… Read More

    By ActualTech Media
  7. Data Center

    What You Need to Know About Value Stream Mapping for the Enterprise

    Leading enterprises like Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb have demonstrated that the future of business lies in figuring out how to create value faster than competitors. This sounds good on paper, but enterprises can get hit snags when trying to move faster without creating more value in practice. To ad… Read More

    By George Lawton
  8. RoadCast

    Pavilion Data Provides the Benefits of NVMe Storage End-to-End

    NVMe is a type of incredibly fast storage that promises to revolutionize the IT industry. The problem is that unless the NVMe SSDs are locally attached, they're not fast enough for the most demanding applications. Until now. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe interviews Jeff… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  9. RoadCast

    Big Switch Networks and Nutanix: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Hyperconvergence is great, but scaling up can be a problem. As your number of nodes grows, especially beyond eight, the network can become so saturated that it bogs down significantly. In this video, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis interviews Gregg Holzrichter, Chief Marketing Officer at Big Sw… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  10. RoadCast

    From Static To Dynamic Infrastructure With HashiCorp

    HashiCorp has a simple-sounding goal that isn’t so simple to pull off. It’s to help companies migrate from the static world of on-premises data centers to the dynamic world of multi-cloud usage and constantly-evolving workloads. ActualTech Media Partner David Davis interviewed Chris Kent, Sr. Pr… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  11. News

    Piedmont HealthCare Leverages Cohesity’s Web-Scale, Hyperconverged Secondary Storage Platform to Efficiently Manage Data Growth

    Cohesity, the leader of hyperconverged secondary storage, today announced that Piedmont HealthCare, a large physician-owned and directed multi-specialty group in North Carolina, deployed Cohesity’s revolutionary platform to achieve tangible cost and time savings, and to efficiently manage explosiv… Read More

    By ActualTech Media
  12. RoadCast

    LightStep Offers Application Monitoring for Today’s Distributed Applications

    Application monitoring has been around forever. But today’s applications can be incredibly complex, utilizing microservices and being distributed over hundreds or thousands of nodes. This is why LightStep was invented. In this RoadCast video, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe talks with LightStep… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  13. RoadCast

    Cloudtenna Brings Order to Enterprise Search Chaos

    ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe has a problem: he can’t find the stuff he needs. His files are scattered everywhere – email, Slack, Dropbox, etc. He wants a simple solution, so he asks Aaron Ganek, co-founder of Cloudtenna, if he can help. Cloudtenna offers what Ganek calls in this RoadCast vide… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  14. RoadCast

    Fastest Filesystem on the Planet? Yes, Says WekaIO

    “IO Starvation” sounds like some kind of dystopian novel! But in reality, it’s a serious issue facing data centers, and it keeps your applications from operating at peak performance. In this RoadCast video, Richard Dyke, VP of Sales at WekaIO, talks to ActualTech Media Partner David Davis abou… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  15. RoadCast

    Eliminating Data Center Silos With Datrium

    “We want to be the ‘any cloud, any hypervisor’ company,” says Sazzala Reddy, CTO and co-founder of Datrium. To find out how they’re doing that, ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe interviewed Reddy as part of our RoadCast series. In this video, Reddy explains how traditional data centers ha… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  16. RoadCast

    How IGEL Is Redefining Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    “It’s the year of VDI!” How many times has that been said over the years? In reality, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has settled into a solid place in data centers, and while no longer “hot,” is actually in a better place now – it’s useful! To that end, ActualTech Media CEO Scott… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  17. RoadCast

    Kinetica Leverages the Power of the GPU for Data Analytics

    Data analytics is a hot field, and ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe interviews a company on the bleeding edge -- Kinetica, a data analytics company with an interesting twist. Kinetica is all about “data in motion, and businesses in motion,” says Dipti Borkar, VP of Product Marketing at Kineti… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  18. RoadCast

    DriveScale and the Future of the Data Center

    The data center is changing fast, to meet the changing needs of organizations. ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe recently interviewed Gene Banman, CEO of DriveScale, about his company’s innovative offering in the area of software-composable infrastructure. Banman explained how composable infrastr… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  19. News

    E8 Storage Achieves Certification of Compliance with the NVMe-oF Industry Standard

    E8 Storage, a pioneer in shared accelerated storage for data-intensive, high-performance applications, has certified E8 Storage Software is compliant with the NVMe-oF 1.0 specification. This certification further expands E8 Storage’s market reach to new customers relying on conformance to industry… Read More

    By ActualTech Media
  20. News

    HashiCorp Extends Service Mesh Capabilities With Major Update to Consul

    Today onstage at HashiDays Amsterdam, HashiCorp, a leader in cloud infrastructure automation, announced major new functionality for HashiCorp Consul, an open source service mesh to connect, secure, and configure services in dynamic, low-trust network environments. The new capability, called Consul C… Read More

    By ActualTech Media
  21. News

    US Signal Delivers Advanced Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service for Baystate Health Systems

    US Signal, a leading end-to-end IT solutions provider, today announced that it has installed a managed Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) solution for Baystate Health Service (BHS) a not-for-profit, integrated healthcare system serving more than 1 million people each year throughout western New… Read More

    By ActualTech Media