‘The Cloud’ Is No Magic Bullet

There remains a belief among some in IT that moving to “the cloud” will solve all their problems. This is, emphatically, not the case.

It’s entirely true that the cloud has massive advantages in terms of things like the ability to scale, to move capital expenditure (CapEx) costs to a more budget-friendly operational expenditure (OpEx) cost model, and faster time to market via containers.

If you’re not careful, though, those bennies can be swiftly offset by the downsides—and one of the major ones is not properly controlling cloud resource allocation.

Densify understands these potential risks to companies, and has solutions to help you get the most out of your cloud operations. To that end, Densify Product Marketing Manager Frank Wang has written a blog outlining the top challenges organizations face when trying to get a handle on resource management challenges.

He discusses, for instance, the dangers of underprovisioned and overprovisioned cloud resources; choosing between different instance types and sizes from the hyperscalers; allocating the right resources for containers; and more.

It’s well worth a look. Click here to read the entire article.