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#RoadCast2017: @Mendix Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) with Total Deployment Control

During our #RoadCast2017 tour we met with a number of companies to learn about what’s changing in the world of enterprise IT. One interesting vendor we met with was Mendix, which offers a cloud-native application platform as a service (aPaaS). We spoke with Gordon Van Huizen, VP of Platform Strategy at Mendix, to learn about the company’s aPaaS and what sets them apart in the market.

Van Huizen tells us that Mendix has invested in a new form of infrastructure that allows its customers to deploy their applications on-premises or on any cloud infrastructure that suits their needs. This capability really came from the realization that organizations need to have the control over how and where they deploy their apps. Often businesses simply want this flexibility, but other times their needs are based on specific business, industry or compliance and regulatory requirements. No matter what the scenario, Mendix is able to accommodate their unique needs.

Customers can build their apps using the Mendix platform, Van Huizen explains, and then based upon how their particular instance is configured they can deploy into the Mendix cloud, the public cloud, like AWS or Azure, or on-premises on their own infrastructure. Mendix is able to accomplish this feat by leveraging two core technologies: Cloud Foundry and Docker technologies.

Often this type of control and flexibility is perceived as being at odds with rapid application development and increased productivity, Van Huizen tells us. However, Mendix is known for its rapid prototyping, model driven development and an agile, collaborative development environment.

Mobile Application Development & Deployment In The Enterprise

In a separate video we spoke with Van Huizen to discuss mobile application development and deployment in the enterprise and what organizations should expect from a flexible aPaaS solution.

Van Huizen tells us that the rapid development capabilities are just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. The platform should also be able to be deployed at scale and offer robustness. Mendix offers a very robust server architecture that’s fully cloud native, ensuring that a customer’s applications are robust, scalable and fault tolerant.

In the video Van Huizen also discusses on the Mendix aPaaS is able to integrate with existing technologies through APIs and connectors and how these processes are built into the platform.

How Mendix Drives Digital Transformation

In our final video with Mendix, we spoke with Johan den Haan, CTO at Mendix, to learn about why the company exists and how it’s driving the digital transformation. den Haan tells us that with the Mendix platform, organizations can deliver applications ten times faster and with a much broader audience. Watch the video to learn how the Medix aPaaS is able to deliver this to application developers empowering organizations to develop quality applications in a sophisticated, powerful way.

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