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#RoadCast2017: @Concurrent_CCUR's Aquari Exabyte-Scale Storage

During our #RoadCast2017 East Coast series we met with Concurrent, makers of high-performance Linux and storage solutions, to learn about the company’s newest offering: Aquari scale-out storage platform. We spoke with Tom Williams, VP of Marketing for Concurrent, to get an architectural overview of Aquari  and get a better sense of the platform’s capabilities.

In the video Williams tells us that Aquari storage runs on Concurrent’s real-time, battle-tested operating system along the Ceph open source storage software. On top of this is the Aquari management layer that allows customers to really leverage Ceph in a simple, user friendly way.

What makes the Aquari platform unique is its advanced performance, even at Exabyte scale. Williams explains that as customer needs grow, whether in terms of IO or storage capacity, the Aquari platform can grow with them. What’s more, the platform can scale throughput and capacity independently to support the specific needs of the business.

Another unique aspect of Aquari is that it’s a “multi-workload platform,” as Williams puts it, so that no matter how many different applications customers need to run, the platform can support them simultaneously. The main use case for Aquari storage and where a lot of businesses see value is with video storage and content delivery, which typically require low latency and tons of storage.

Concurrent is currently partnered with SuperMicro as its appliance supplier, however since Aquari is completely software-defined it can run on other hardware as well.

5 Burning Questions About Aquri Storage

In a separate video, we spoke with Williams to get his answers to our top five questions about Aquari.

Williams tells us about a scaled-down, feature complete version of Aquari, called Springboard, which allows smaller organizations to get on board with Concurrent’s powerful platform. The main advantage this brings to smaller businesses is that as they grow they can easily scale up to meet their needs.

From a usability perspective, Aquari makes Ceph easier to deploy and simpler to use and manage on a day to day basis. The platform also makes it easier to troubleshoot problems and identify solutions. Additionally, Concurrent offers support for both software and hardware issues and takes a very customer-centric approach.

In the video Williams also discusses how the Aquari platform handles availability, data protection and  replication to other sites.

About Concurrent

In our final video, Williams offers a background on Concurrent along with a 30,000 feet view of Concurrent’s main storage product, the Aquari platform and related products.

To learn more about Aquari Exabyte-Scale Storage, click here