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#RoadCast 2017: Interview With @AtlantisSDS - What’s New & What’s Application-Defined Storage?

We’re spending some time on the road this month, meeting with industry experts to discuss the latest enterprise IT trends and technology updates. We met with Atlantis Computing to learn about what they’ve been working on as well as Application-Defined Storage.

We spoke with Bob Davis, CMO of Atlantis, to learn about the changes the company has made in the last year. In the #RoasCast2017 video interview, Davis explains that they’ve been able to identify new use cases for the company’s hyperconverged, software-defined solutions. Atlantis’ core products include HyperSclae, an all-flash hyperconverged appliance, and USX, a software-defined storage solution for data centers. In the past year or so, Atlantis has been focusing on the VDI and end-user computing space, both in how its solutions are packaged and sold to customers, as well how the products are being developed.

Davis notes that this recent change has been extremely well received, in part because the company has been able to apply the simplicity of hyperconverged storage to the application stack of VDI and offer customers flexibility in where they can run it. Atlantis has integrated its powerful management capabilities into the virtual application and desktop products, to simplify the deployment, provisioning and management of VDI.

From an architectural standpoint, Atlantis has integrated its software in between the infrastructure and the application, Davis explains, to further drive simplicity and reduce the reliance on the infrastructure. This is what is able to give Atlantis customers the flexibility in where they can roll out the product – in the cloud, on-prem or in a remote office — and how they can use it. As Davis points out, organizations can have the same type of application running exactly the same regardless of which environment it’s deployed in.

Atlantis is also evolving its container story, applying its data services capabilities to containers, so that features like teleport (the ability to move containers), snapshots, replications and more can now be applied to Docker containers.

“We’re solving a lot of problems that container people haven’t even found out they have yet,” says Davis.

Finally, the company has been working with HP and Citrix to develop purpose-built appliances. Davis shares more details with us on this exciting new venture in the video, but if you’d like to learn more visit

What Is Application-Defined Storage?

In a separate interview, we spoke with Patrick Brennan, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Atlantis, to learn about Application-Defined Storage.

In the video interview, Brennan explains that Application-Defined Storage is about understanding the requirements and needs of applications in terms of storage, so that storage and data services can be provisioned wherever the applications live, whether it’s on-prem, in the cloud (or both), when it needs to live (more on that in the video) and what resources it needs to have. Brennan also offers some common use cases for Application-Defined Storage and where they’re seeing customers implementing this type of architecture.

Watch the video to learn more about the interesting details and capabilities that Application-Defined Storage brings to the table.