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Move Your Unstructured Data from Anywhere, to Anywhere with Datadobi

Growth of unstructured data—i.e., file and object data—is taking off like a rocket in most organizations. But all that data has to go somewhere, and most on-premises storage options are quickly filled up. Cloud to the rescue!

In this Spotlight Series video, Scott Lowe, ActualTech Media CEO, talks with Steve Leeper, head of market development, Datadobi, about his company’s solution. Datadobi handles migration, replication, and protection of these unstructured datasets across heterogeneous cloud resources, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. “We can work with all of these,” Leeper says.

They also discuss their newest product, DobiProtect, which creates a “golden copy” of critical file and object data in its native format, across heterogeneous environments. It allows for quick restore of business operations that are impacted by security events like ransomware. Click on the video above for more.