Introducing the ActualTech Media 'Data Center Innovations' Series

Savvy enterprise technologists know that they need to stay abreast of the latest and most innovative technology solutions coming to the data center. Unfortunately, the enterprise technology landscape is a shifting and confusing one. Technologists have real challenges and need real solutions, but understanding the available options and finding the best solution are tough tasks. This is particularly difficult when the best solution to a problem comes from a startup or a new offering from an existing vendor that takes some digging to investigate. What can help?

Announcing the ‘Data Center Innovations’ Series

At ActualTech Media, we constantly hear from our audience and contacts that there simply isn’t enough time to uncover the ‘hidden gems’ or solutions that bring a fresh approach and can be dramatically more impactful than legacy solutions. There are two sides to this: 1) sifting through the marketing flood to find truly innovative approaches to problems, and 2) getting up to speed quickly on these options once they’ve been discovered.

It’s with an eye on this challenge that we’re launching our new Data Center Innovations Series. We constantly evaluate technologies that are bringing new options to the table in solving common, real-world enterprise challenges. With the new Data Center Innovations series, when we begin working with a company that has a new solution or alternative we feel merits a closer look, we’ll feature it in a special series of educational free webinars, e-books, videos, audio features and more. We’ll cover the challenges that enterprise technologists are facing, how these challenges came about, and, more importantly, how a Data Center Innovations solution can help to resolve these problems with fresh approaches and technology.

What Kinds of Solutions Will be Featured?

The Data Center Innovations Series showcases new companies and new lines of business from existing companies. In general, we will include companies that have been in the market for less than a year or more established companies that have announced a new line of business or made major changes to an existing one. That doesn’t mean that we won’t find something outside these parameters that’s interesting; if we find companies we feel are doing genuinely cool things, you’ll see them here.  That said, our goal with this series is to introduce enterprise IT staff to new companies and new approaches from existing companies and help them solve their pressing needs.

The Data Center Innovations Series is here to help you find and evaluate companies doing interesting things and help you learn how you can apply their solutions.

The First Data Center Innovations Feature

To kick the series off with a bang, we recently hosted the first Data Center Innovations webinar: SIOS: Understanding Machine Learning Analytics for vSphere Capacity & Performance

The webinar is now available to watch on-demand right here:

Watch the Webinar

We’re tremendously excited to bring the first round of events, videos (and very soon an eBook) to the enterprise technologist community. Be sure to watch for upcoming features here on ActualTech.io!