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5 Things To Know About Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: when you start SaaS-ifying and cloud-ifying your IT operations, things change. Lots of things. This isn’t your father’s data center anymore—network traffic patterns change, security requirements get a lot more complex, and your data suddenly expands beyond the trusted arms of your on-premises storage.

Many companies start their journey with SaaS (software-as-a-service), and Microsoft Office 365 is often their first implementation. Then they’ll dip a toe into Microsoft Azure, often with test/dev use cases or data backup. Having realized the benefits of letting someone else do the heavy lifting, these organizations will start doing more work in the public cloud.

But just because someone else—in this case, Microsoft—owns and manages the software or infrastructure, it doesn’t mean your job is done and you can binge-watch Hollywood Pitch Meeting videos all day.

It’s true that many things get easier (or else why would you be undergoing the transformation?), but in some ways they get more difficult. The key thing to remember is that the old ways of doing IT are gone, and new processes are needed.

To that end, we’ve created a video with Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author and all-around good guy Ned Bellavance to provide some high-level help. In this short video, Ned talks about the five most important considerations about Office 365 and Azure. They’re useful whether or not you’re considering a move in that direction, or have already moved there. He’s broken his advice down into categories:

  1. Secure Your Identity
  2. Secure Your Data
  3. Protect Your Data
  4. Train Your People
  5. Plan Your Network

These are great tips that you can watch in less than six minutes—and they’ll be more useful than those pitch meeting videos (although I’ll admit that I can’t stop watching them.)

Click here to view the video, or on the graphic at the top of this article.