DevOps, Kubernetes

Weaveworks and the Concept of ‘GitOps’

If you spend any time in IT, you’ve heard of DevOps. You’ve probably also heard other “Ops” variations, including DataOps, SecOps, and DevSecOps. Well, here’s one you likely haven’t come across, but one that will become more and more important going forward: GitOps.

GitOps was coined by the company Weaveworks, and it’s described by CTO Cornelia Davis as a way to bring reliability to something that’s “fundamentally unreliable:” namely, cloud-native environments that are highly distributed and constantly changing.

Davis discussed how Weaveworks does its magic in this Spotlight Series discussion with ActualTech Media Partner James Green. Weaveworks leverages Kubernetes principles, which are about “constantly reconciling what’s happening in the real world with what you’ve declared you’d like to happen in the real world.” Click on the video above to see the whole interview.