Video, VMworld 2016

#VMworld 2016 Interview With Velostrata (@Velostrata)

Moving to public cloud environments is typically a challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to migrating data. The team at Velostrata (@Velostrata) is helping to resolve this problem with an elegant solution that moves compute workloads to the cloud in minutes, giving customers total control over where the associated storage resides. As you’ll hear Ady Degany, Chief Product Officer at Velostrata explain in the video, the solution allows you to leverage the public cloud without moving your core data assets. The company’s technology essentially decouples compute from storage, so you can keep the storage on-prem or move it permanently to the cloud without impacting the production environment.

It’s a powerful product for cloud migration and mobility, especially for dev and test scenarios. If you’re interested in seeing the technology in action, check out the video below that demonstrates how a 1.5TB workload can be moved from on-premises to Azure in less than 5 minutes.

Request an Evaluation from Velostrata here, and if you missed Las Vegas, you’re in luck because Velostrata prepared a virtual visit to their booth.