Video, VMworld 2016

#VMworld 2016 Interview with Condusiv Technologeis (@Condusiv)

If you happened to stop by the Condusiv Technologies (@Condusiv) booth at VMworld 2016 you might be surprised to learn that the company has been around for over 30 years. During the last four years the company has been focusing on its V-locity product, which helps improve application performance in virtual environments. David Davis had the chance to speak with Brian Morin, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing at Condusiv Technologies about what V-locity does and how it works.

In the video Morin explains that V-locity is a totally transparent, “set it and forget it” type of software that can offer a remarkable performance boost—as high as 300% faster application performance on their existing systems. The main differentiator for V-locity is that it aims to solve I/O issues at the top of the stack that make the underlying architecture work harder than it needs to, according to Morin.

If this piqued your interest, check out our video interview and stop by the Condisuv website to get a free trial of the V-locity software.