Video, VMworld 2016

#VMworld 2016 Interview with VMware's @michaeljhaag - The Future of VSAN (@vmwarevsan)

We had a feeling VSAN (@vmwarevsan) was going to be a big deal at VMworld 2016 and VMware didn’t disappoint. There were a ton of great sessions around VSAN and the company announced that is has achieved over 5,000 VSAN customers, making it one of the most widely used hyperconverged solutions available on the market today. During the keynote address on day two, Yanbing Li, Sr. VP and GM of the Storage and Availability BU at VMware, said that VSAN is going to be the default storage platform for vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon.

David Davis spoke with Michael Haag (@michaeljhaag) from VSAN’s marketing team to get his insight on where VSAN is headed. Earlier this year, version 6.2 of VSAN was released making available a number of key new features, including deduplication and compression, erasure coding and more (you can learn more about VSAN 6.2 here). As Haag explains, VSAN is ready for production environments and business critical applications.  “Any applications that you can virtualize are a great fit for VSAN,” Haag says.

What’s next for VSAN? VMware users can look forward to new encryption at rest and analytics features in VSAN and hopefully as VMworld Europe nears we’ll hear more details.

If you’re interested in learning more about VSAN, there’s no better way than through the Hands-on Labs.