VMworld 2018

VMware Announces New vSphere Platinum Edition

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 28, 2018 — VMware has unveiled a new edition of its flagship vSphere product, one that bakes in AppDefense, its data center endpoint security product, resulting in a more secure environment whether on-premises or in a hybrid cloud setting.

At VMworld in Las Vegas, the company announced vSphere Platinum Edition. This new version of vSphere will include AppDefense in the hypervisor to protect applications, infrastructure, data and access across an organization’s operations.

“Using machine learning and behavioral analytics, the new solution will enable vSphere administrators to deliver more secure applications and infrastructure by enabling virtual machines (VMs) to run in a “known good” state,” according to VMware. “It will offer direct visibility into VM intent and application behavior as well as fast and more accurate threat detection and response capabilities.”

Adding an extra layer of security out of the box will be music to many companies’ ears, as threats like ransomware proliferate in the enterprise. On top of that, moving data and applications to the cloud introduces greater complexity, a more diverse environment to track and manage, and a substantially increased number of attack vectors. As applications and their associated data get more mobile, securing them becomes one of an organization’s greatest challenges. vSphere Platinum Edition aims to help tackle those challenges.

To help sweeten the pot as well as drive more customers to the cloud, VMware announced that customers purchasing five or more CPUs of vSphere Platinum licenses will get $10,000 worth of credits for VMware Cloud on AWS.

In other vSphere news, VMware also announced vSphere 6.7 Update 1. The key upgrade in this release is the fully-featured, HTML5-based vSphere Client. VMware says that it now includes all administrative functions needed to manage vCenter Server, eliminating the need to switch between clients for certain tasks like setting up a vCenter High-Availability (VCHA) cluster, for instance.

Staying on the topic of core technologies updates, VMware also announced vSAN 6.7 Update 1. vSAN is VMware’s software-defined storage platform, and Update 1 is focused on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Update 1 allows for faster creation of HCI clusters via a “Quickstart” guided cluster creation and extension wizard. Quickstart guides the user through the deployment process for both vSAN and non-vSAN clusters. vSAN 6.7 Update 1 also increases efficiency via automated capacity reclamation and new predictive tools that will help admins better assess future data storage needs.

Warren Perlman, executive vice president and chief information officer for HR Software-as-a-Service provider Ceridian, was quoted in a VMware press release about the security benefits he sees for vSphere Platinum Edition. “Our customers count on us to manage their entire employee lifecycle through our Dayforce HCM platform. To meet our customers’ needs, we’re continually evolving our platform to deliver an enhanced service including how we secure our applications. VMware vSphere Platinum Edition offers a compelling value proposition to help us comprehensively secure our applications by focusing on their ‘known good’ state and monitor for and respond to any deviations.”