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The New World of Cloud Backup and Recovery

Data. It’s everywhere now.

Data is growing exponentially, even doubling every year in some industries.

The type of data being generated is also growing. Think about the growth of video files, as 4K resolution, 8K resolution—basically, anythingK resolution—starts to proliferate. Those files are huge, and getting larger all the time. Then there are the audio files.

There’s also the more traditional data created by virtualized environments and applications. This is the data you’ve always been creating, only now there’s more of it—a lot more. New tech like containers ramps up the amount of data considerably.

Now, to really make your head spin, consider that all that newly-created data needs to be replicated, usually many times, for various activities. If you’re doing Big Data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and other bleeding-edge computing, you know about the problem.

That leads to the next problem: Backing up these immense files. It can get prohibitively expensive, and in a big hurry, without the right storage strategy in place. A related issue is that If your backup strategy doesn’t take into account the data explosion, your recovery strategy won’t, either. If not dealt with properly, you could be putting your job—or worse, your whole company—at risk.

Fortunately, some storage vendors are well aware of these risks, and have answers to one of your big questions: “Where am I gonna put all this data?”

Which brings us to the cloud. One of these vendors—Wasabi—offers a modern cloud storage option for simple, affordable backup and recovery of the data deluge. Wasabi provides the infinite scalability of the cloud with Wasabi hot cloud storage.

Using Wasabi, you can securely back up your assets for less than what you’d pay for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage systems (hardware, tape, maintenance, licenses), and at a fraction of the price of AWS S3 cloud storage. And there are never any penalty fees (known as egress fees) for accessing your data when you do need it. That makes Wasabi ideal for backing up everything from mission-critical databases and applications to all your high-resolution images and media.

Extend Your Infrastructure

If you’re already using the cloud for primary storage, backing up a second copy with Wasabi is a smart way to protect your data and ensure business continuity. If you’re running an on-premises storage-area network (SAN) or network-attached storage (NAS) and off-premises tape, you can get an inexpensive third copy of your data; data that’s immediately accessible in case your local storage goes offline and there isn’t time to retrieve your tape backup.

No More Complicated Tiers

Cloud storage makes your backup data easily accessible, while at the same time eliminating equipment expenses and providing infinite scalability.

The issue is that legacy cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform remain tiered, costly, and complicated. They require you to figure out which assets must be available fast and which can tolerate coming back online more slowly. You then have to slot those assets into the appropriate storage tier. And you’re out of luck if data you need restored immediately is in the bowels of the system; lower-priced storage tiers take longer to restore, even up to 24 hours.

With Wasabi, you’re liberated from having to choose different tiers to balance out your price/performance needs. They offer a single hot-cloud storage tier with predictable, straightforward and affordable pricing. Any data you store—primary, backup, or archived—is immediately accessible whenever you need it. And unlike competing services, they never charge the aforementioned egress fees to access the data in their cloud.

Reliability and Security

Wasabi hot cloud storage is designed with 11 Nines (99.999999999%) of object durability. It’s secure by default, with ACL-based user authentication and AES 256 encryption of data at rest. And they offer easy-to-configure immutable buckets that make your data impervious to hackers, accidental changes, or deletions. With immutability turned on, no one—not you, not Wasabi, not hackers—can delete or change your data.

Hot Cloud Storage Changes the Price and Performance of Cloud Backup

Whatever your industry, data is the force that drives it. You can’t conduct business, serve customers, or gain insights from data you’ve deleted or that’s sitting in a faraway salt mine. Today’s business requirements are far too dynamic. You should be able to affordably store and quickly retrieve all your backup data and software whenever circumstances dictate.

You can easily create hot data backups in the cloud less expensively than both tape and other cloud storage options with Wasabi hot cloud storage. That way, your data is readily accessible whenever you need it, 24X7. With so much data to replicate and protect, you really can’t afford not to evaluate hot cloud storage.

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