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IT Support May Be the Crucial Cloud Question

Once IT teams are no longer having to hand-hold IT infrastructure every day, they won’t know the intricacies of its operation. This makes the support experience – both the ease of access to support, and the overall quality of the support – absolutely critical. What do other customers of that vendor have to say about support? How long do break/fix support issues take?

The most important question when discussing anything related to IT support is whether or not there’s a single point of support for all items related to that private cloud infrastructure. One of the major pitfalls of traditional IT is that it consists of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of different solutions from different vendors.

Each of the IT solutions an organization uses will interact with others, whether those solutions are hardware, software, or services. This interaction is the source of significant conflict.

In this Discovery Series video interview, Cloudistics VP of Marketing Chris Myhill and Dan Mroz, Director of Channel Enablement and Marketing, discuss “The Cloudistics Founders Story” with Scott Lowe, CEO and Lead Strategist at ActualTech Media. In the discussion, they reveal the journey that the Cloudistics founders took when attempting to implement a cloud strategy and being dissatisfied with the cloud status quo. Their frustration resulted in the development of the Cloudistics Ignite Cloud Platform.

Chris, Dan, and Scott discuss the development of a fully-composable, software-defined platform. The true focus on development was the need to overcome the barriers to cloud adoption and achieve successful digital transformation. Those design decisions resulted in a private cloud platform that is very easy to implement, deploy, operate, maintain and SUPPORT, which is the focus of a new blog on the Cloudstics site about this topic.

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