A State Department of Transportation Department Moves from Traditional to Hybrid IT

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You may believe that digital transformation is an overused term, but the potential impact from such initiatives can be profound.  It is changing all aspects of our lives. Every day we rely on digital technology to give us more and more information. It is increasingly pervasive, from the cars we drive and homes we live in to how we shop and work in offices – just about everything is being tracked and turned into data.

It’s not just businesses that are capturing data to become more competitive. All types of organizations are using digital technology to harness the value of data to improve and better differentiate services they provide to their customers.

A state Department of Transportation has realized the benefits from such an initiative and discovered how HPE’s composable infrastructure solutions help organizations embrace technology for the good of the business.

Read the full story about this transformation effort here.

Scott Lowe

Follow Scott on Twitter   Scott is Co-Founder of ActualTech Media and serves as Senior Content Editor and Strategist. Scott is an enterprise IT veteran with more than twenty years experience in senior and CIO roles across multiple organizations.

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