Software Training Labs in the Modern Enterprise

Not all that long ago, software training in the enterprise was largely based around the use of informational videos. While video-based training does have its place, it isn’t ideal. Videos sometimes contain knowledge gaps, and there isn’t a way for a student to ask the instructor questions in real time. Perhaps more importantly, the lack of interactivity makes it easy for a student to simply tune out.

Of course, video-based training isn’t the only option available. Many organizations have built training programs around interactive labs. These environments can potentially provide the best possible training experience because they allow for true interactivity—but if not properly implemented, virtual labs can become a source of frustration for students and trainers alike. That being the case, there are several things that should be considered prior to creating an interactive training environment.

One of the first things that must be considered is how the students will access the training. There was a time when the only practical option was to fly the students to a training center on the other side of the country. Today, however, online learning has become a viable option. If online learning is to be used, the learning platform has to be accessible to all of the students.

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