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#RoadCast2017: What’s New In @vRealizeOps And A Closer Look at vRealize Network Insight

To complete our #RoadCast2017 series we visited VMware’s headquarters to get an update on VMware’s Cloud Management solutions. We met with Taruna Gandhi, Group Manager of Product Marketing in the cloud business unit at VMware, to learn what’s new in vRealize Operations 6.5, which recently went into general availability.

VMware is continuing to integrate with Log Insight, taking things a step further, says Gandhi, so that now Log Insight is a tab within vROps. This means customers have access to their log data at their fingertips; what this deeper integration also means is that if you have an object you can see the metrics and logs side by side and in context, Gandhi tell us, which is a powerful capability when you’re troubleshooting problems.

VMware has also integrated the standard edition of vRealize Business for Cloud with vROps in the same manner, says Gandhi, so that it’s accessible as a tab within the product. This means that for the first time, IT admins can see the business context, Gandhi explains, and see the cost savings they can make. With this feature IT admins can see the costs of various CPU, memory or other infrastructure components, what their labor costs are, how many VMs are idle and much more, according to Gandhi.

In the video Gandhi also discusses some new platform improvements that went into version 6.5 of vRealize Operations that help improve performance and scale capabilities. All of these developments are an effort to make vROps the best platform for managing SDDC and cloud and allowing organizations to do more with less.

To learn more about vROps 6.5, visit VMware’s Hands on Labs to try it out for free right from your browser or download a 60-day evaluation of vRealize Operations Manager here.

What Is vRealize Network Insight?

In a separate interview, we spoke with Shobhana Viswanathan, Marketing Manager, VMware’s Cloud Management Business Unit, to learn about VMware’s new vRealize Network Insight.

In June 2016, VMware acquired Arkin, which the company released under the name vRealize Network Insight, Viswanathan told us. vRealize Network Insight is a network operations management tool that helps organizations plan micro-segmentation, ensure health and compliance of NSX deployments, and help them meet NSX best practices. In the video, Viswanathan shares more on vRealize Network Insights and how IT professionals can leverage this new tool.

If you’re interested in learning more about VMware’s vRealize Network Insight, visit

We also met with Sunny Dua, Senior Member of the Technical Staff at VMware, for a fun conversation on troubleshooting virtualized and cloud environments with vROps. Dua specializes in cloud management and specifically VMware’s vRealize Operations suite and has some unique insights and perspectives on using vROps. Sunny publishes some excellent technical content about vRealize Operations on his blog, vXpress.