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#RoadCast2017: Talking Hybrid NAS & Lightning Speed Cloud Access With @PanzuraStorage

The ActualTech Media team is on the road to meet with the industry’s leaders to discuss the latest trends in enterprise technology. We called it #RoadCast2017! As part of the RoadCast, we stopped by Panzura, a maker of hybrid cloud storage systems, to learn about their Hybrid Cloud NAS offering.

Who Is Panzura?

So who is Panzura? Rich Weber, Chief Product Officer at Panzura, answers that question in the video below…

What is Hybrid NAS?

So Panzura offers “hybrid NAS”, but what is that? We asked Rich Weber to explain what exactly is a Hybrid NAS and how it helps enterprise IT, in the video below…

As the name implies, a Hybrid Cloud NAS combines the performance and features of a traditional enterprise NAS with the benefits and cost savings of the cloud. Panzura is helping organizations leverage the cloud, bridging the gap between their on-prem storage and the cloud, Weber explains. The company offers three deployment methods, including on-prem, virtual and in-cloud instances. For the on-premises deployment, a Panzura appliance resides in the organization’s physical data center and can be accessed like a primary NAS; for virtual environments, a virtual appliance is deployed.

When it comes to hybrid scenarios the story gets a bit more interesting. What Panzura offers is a way for organizations to access their data in the cloud as if it resided on-prem, with no performance issues. With Panzura’s solution businesses can eliminate their expensive local NAS because they can access the data residing in the cloud from anywhere. The example that Weber offers in the video illustrates a common scenario of a company performing analytics on their data that’s in the cloud. With the Hybrid Cloud NAS there’s no need to move any data around because it’s automatically available locally.

The data is ubiquitously available in the cloud, but it behaves just like a local NAS to users. It’s fast, simple and more cost effective than traditional storage solutions.

How To Access Your Cloud Data Quickly

How can companies move large amounts of data to the could quickly and efficiently? The bottleneck for many organizations is the poor connection between the on-prem and cloud environments, and this is where Panzura’s focus is.

Through deduplication and compression, Panzura is able to minimize the size of the data and efficiently move it to the cloud object store. Using what sounds like a tiered storage scenario, performance priority for the data is determined, so that data that gets accessed most frequently stays in the local memory. Weber goes into more details in the video, explaining how the company is able to read the data directly from the cloud, along with additional capabilities that help differentiate Panzura from WAN optimization solutions.

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