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#RoadCast2017: State Of Hyperconvergence With @MaxtaInc

We’re on the road meeting with industry leaders to discuss the current state of enterprise IT as well as what’s coming in 2017 and beyond. We spoke with Yoram Novick, CEO and founder of Maxta,a provider of software-defined storage solutions for hyperconverged infrastructure to get his take on the state of hyperconvergence.

Novick notes that we’re currently in the third phase of hyperconvergence. He explains that we’ve moved beyond educating the industry about what hyperconvergence is and why it’s a good thing (phase one) and beyond showing organizations that hyperconvergence can excel in specific use cases (phase two).

In 2017, hyperconvergence is finally going mainstream. As Novick explains, for the first time businesses are looking at hyperconvergence as a solution to address all of their data center storage and compute needs, not just individual use cases. And a number of hyperconverged solutions today, including Maxta, are ready to be deployed for multiple applications on the same cluster and at the same time, without impacting performance.

Pretty impressive for a software-centric solution that can run on any x86 environment, support multiple hypervisors, and essentially be used on any infrastructure that the organization deems appropriate.

If you’re interested in learning more about Maxta’s hyperconverged software solutions, visit and watch the next two videos to get a deeper dive into the technology

Application-Defined Hyperconvergence

Next, we spoke with Kiran Sreenivasamurhy, VP of Product Management, to get an overview of application-defined hyperconvergence and how Maxta differentiates itself in the hyperconverged space.

Application-Defined Hyperconvergence Deep Dive

We  then move to the whiteboard, where Arjun Narang, Product Manager at Maxta, gives us a deeper dive into application-defined hyperconvergence, with plenty of examples and use cases.