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#RoadCast2017: The State Of Flash Storage, @Nexsan's Unity And The Return Of The Beast

The ActualTech Media team is on the road speaking with industry experts and leaders to get their take on the current state of enterprise IT and what’s coming in 2017 and beyond. We met with Gary Watson, Founder of Nexsan, to learn about the state of flash storage and Nexsan’s Unity storage platform. We also got some great details on Nexan’s new and improved Beast!

Watson offers an overview of the company’s Unity family of products, noting top features and capabilities, like mobility and archiving. Unity is inexpensive and easy to deploy, yet it offers powerful functionality with embedded mobility, real-time file syncing and a Dropbox-like sync and share experience. Even multiple Unity boxes at different locations can sync their data, enabling Nexsan’s collaboration technologies.

In a nutshell, Unity is a global file system storage mesh, according to Watson, and it has a number of interesting use cases. The most compelling thing about the product is that it actually deters end users from using unsecured systems, like Dropbox or Google Drive, effectively eliminating shadow IT.

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Flash Storage In 2017

In a separate #RoadCast2017 video, Watson talks about the state of flash storage and what we can expect from the technology later this year. With flash costs at an all-time low, and more benefits that we can count, is this the end of spinning disks? And with the evolving economics of flash, will organizations start rethinking the public cloud?

Nexsan’s Beast Is Back

In this video, Watson shares the awesome and exciting details of Nexsan’s new and improved Beast. Believe it or not, it’s one of the lowest cost reliable storage boxes you can buy. There’s at least 10 thousand of them out in the wild (Nexsan has actually lost count, it’s made so many) and it can be used for a wide variety of tasks.