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#RoadCast2017: Solving The Latency Problems With @A3CubeInc

We’ve been on the road speaking with industry experts to share interesting insights into the current state of enterprise IT and what IT pros can expect in 2017. Next up in our #RoadCast2017 series is Emilio Billi, CTO of A3Cube, to discuss the business and technology problems A3Cube is on a mission to solve.

Billi explains that A3Cube was created with a precise goal in mind: to converge modern compute and storage into a single, distributed, global, optimized system. The idea was to combine separate technologies in a way that they could function as a single, fully optimized system.

A3Cube is working on four individual applications, including big data and analytics, high performance computing (HPC), machine learning and artificial intelligence. And although they might seem like four completely different technologies, they’re all part of the same picture that involves data analysis, Billi tells us. To accomplish the on-demand data processing that’s required for these applications, A3Cube is developing supercomputer-level data processors that leverage flash in order to solve latency problems.

In essence, A3Cube wants to break the current limitations in computational power. The company’s mission is to enable high performance data, machine learning and predictive analytics by transforming ordinary servers into ultra-powerful supercomputers, without adding the price of a supercomputer, according to Billi.

To learn more about A3Cube, visit and watch the video below for a technical overview.

A3Cube Technical Overview

In a separate video we dive deeper into the technical aspects of A3Cube’s architecture. Billi explains what A3Cube’s software is capable of today and how it works.