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#RoadCast2017: Serverless Computing And The Power Of Kubernetes With @Platform9Sys

Note: Add Platform9 Managed Kubernetes video

In our continuing #RoadCast2017 video series, we’re meeting with industry leaders and experts to get their insights into the current state of enterprise IT and what’s coming in 2017. We met with Bich Le, c-founder and chief architect of Platform9, to learn about containers and how they’re being used, and more specifically about Kubernetes.

In the video interview, Le offers a succinct explanation of why organizations are choosing to use containers over other options that are available to them. Containers make applications more portable, Le notes; they’re also easier to deploy and manage.

Kubernetes is one of the leading orchestration frameworks for containers, says Le, explaining why something like Kubernetes might be helpful when working with many containers. He also delves into Pletform9’s managed Kubernetes offering and how it can simplify the use of the popular orchestration framework for companies.

As it turns out, Kubernetes is fairly complex with it comes to deploying, maintaining, upgrading and troubleshooting, because of the many moving parts, layers, add-ons and plugins, Le notes. Platform9’s managed Kubernetes, offered as a SaaS, takes care of all of this complexity so that organizations can focus on leveraging Kubernetes and containers.

Le wraps up the video with a look at some of the most common use cases Platform9 is seeing for its managed Kubernetes service. To learn more about Platform9’s managed Kubernetes and hybrid cloud visit

What Is Serverless Computing?

Intro To Serverless Computing

In another video clip, we speak with Soam Vasani, a Software Engineer at Platform9, to learn about serverless computing (think AWS Lambda) and what the company is currently doing in this area. Vasani explains what serverless computing means and outlines the benefits it can offer to developers.