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#RoadCast2017: The Secret to @Zerto Hypergrowth with Zerto President Paul Zeiter and SE Manager, Sean Masters

As we continue our #RoadCast2017 video series, we’re meeting with more industry experts to learn about what’s new and upcoming in the world of enterprise IT. Most recently, we spoke with Paul Zeiter, President of Zerto, makers of disaster recovery and virtual data replication to learn about the company’s secret to its hyper-growth. Zerto has been able to double its business each year and continues to build on this impressive momentum.

Zerto has done a great job at aligning itself with customer needs, but is still focusing heavily on offering the flexibility that most organizations these days demand. Zeiter points out that more and more enterprise organizations are looking to get out of their data centers and instead leverage the cloud. However, this transition might not be an easy feat for many businesses.

That’s why Zerto offers an on-premises software-based solution that’s able to protect critical applications in the data center in addition to partnering with over 330 cloud service providers who can deliver Zerto’s disaster recovery as a service. On top of this, Zerto customers have the option of using the product in the public cloud, with Azure and AWS. This allows businesses to use Zerto where and how it’s needed today, but also grow and change and use it in the future as they move more applications to or from the cloud.

Zerto has also been very involved in community building, launching its first user conference last year. Zeiter tells us that the plan this year is to take ZertoCon to the next level, bringing together potential and existing customers as well as Zerto partners.

Zeiter also discusses the challenges of being a high-growth company and how they’ve been able to meet this challenge head on.

Zerto Virtual Replication Takes Over the Cloud

In a separate video, we spoke with Sean Masters, Systems Engineer Manager at Zerto, to learn more about the company’s past and future product road maps. Masters gives a brief overview of the main changes and additions in each Zerto product update and how the technology has evolved over time in terms of capability and functionality.

Masters then dives into what the company is focusing on moving forward and what exciting new capabilities are coming to Zerto. Learn more about how Zerto is brining value to its customers today and in the coming years by watching the full video.

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