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#RoadCast2017: How @NetBrainTechies Tackles The Challenges of Modern Networking With Adaptive Network Automation

As we continue our #RoadCast2017 series, we’re meeting with more leading technology organizations and industry experts to learn about the future of enterprise IT. Most recently, we stopped by the NetBrain offices to speak with Jason Baudreau, Sr. Marketing Manager at NetBrain, to learn about the challenges of modern networking and what the NetBrain team is doing to solve them.

We start off the video with a discussion on adaptive network automation and what it means for network admins. Baudreau explains that adaptive network automation seeks to address the challenges that are inherent in modern networks – like the fact that every network (and network task) is unique – allowing automation to be leveraged to fit completely unique workflows.

NetBrain employs a dynamic network map as the foundation for its automation platform. Through this dynamic network map, network engineers can isolate a part of their network that needs to have an automation workflow, Baudreau tells us. NetBrain’s technology, what they call an executable runbook, then through the dynamic map.

NetBrain’s executable runbook is a sequence of events, Baudreau explains, a sort of a guide, and every step in this runbook can be executable and powered by automation. These executable runbooks can be applied to existing workflows via APIs to work with the businesses current network monitoring systems, security intrusion detection systems and the like. This enables the dynamic network map to function as a single pane of glass for network management, triggering automation based on characteristics performing outside of NetBrain.

For example, when the intrusion detection system identifies a security event NetBrain can trigger to map out the path of a potential denial of service (DoS) attack and automate a series of tasks to understand the impact of the event, says Baudreau.

In effect, NetBrain helps organizations be far more proactive in their approach than with simple network monitoring and management tools. It allows network admins to react to events much faster and be armed with all of the important information about the incident in order to resolve it. All of this helps to reduce network downtime as well as reducing the risks of a network outage. Baudreau explains in more detail just how NetBrain is able to accomplish all of this in the video interview.

What Role Does the Network Play in NetBrain?

In a separate video, we spoke with Baudreau about the strategic role the network plays in modern organizations. The network is no longer just the backbone, says Baudreau, today it’s the lifeblood of the organization. It has changed the way organizations operate, the way they can stay efficient, collaborative and effective.

Baudreau goes on to explain some of the challenges that enterprise organizations are facing today when it comes to the modern network, one of which is visualizing and understanding the large, complex networks that exist today. Visibility, network performance, cloud integration and even the history of the network can all be serious challenges to managing today’s large-scale networks.

Watch the video to learn more about how NetBrain solves some of these fundamental network challenges.

The History of NetBrain

In our final video with NetBrain, we delve into the history of the company. Baudreau tells us how NetBrain got its start and found its mission to make network troubleshooting and management simpler and more effective.

Network automation is taking off right now because large organizations are starting to realize that it’s the right solution to handle the complexity, size and scale of enterprise networks. NetBrain plays a critical role in this niche providing unprecedented visibility into organizations’ complex networks, helping network admins diagnose and troubleshoot problems in a more effective, automated way.

Check out the video to learn more about NetBrain and how it’s helping enterprise organizations manage their networks. To learn more about NetBrain and get a free demo, click here.