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#RoadCast2017: The Making Of A True Hybrid Cloud And The Future Of @Stratoscale with @ArielMaislos

The ActualTech Media team is hitting the road to speak with industry experts to get their take on the current state of enterprise IT and what’s coming in 2017. We met with Ariel Maislos, CEO of Stratoscale, to learn about what’s new with the hyperconverged storage provider that’s offering an on-prem, AWS-compatible cloud.

When it comes to cloud, It’s all about the services, Maislos tells us, and what the company has been focusing on most recently is adding additional services to get Stratoscale’s cloud solution as close as possible to the core AWS offering. Stratoscale has added Kubernetes as a service, an application marketplace and other capabilities, including a slew of database services that customers can take advantage of.

Earlier this month, Stratoscale added an RDS-compatible database as a service engine through the acquisition of Tesora. The company now offers a wide range of database services, which Maislos notes are extremely popular on AWS. The difference is that Stratoscale can offer these services behind a firewall, and on a company’s premises.

However, Stratoscale isn’t stopping here. The company is planning on rolling out additional capabilities and services in 2017 in order to bring its on-prem cloud solution even closer to what AWS offers today. As Maislos puts it, true hybrid cloud is possible only when you have the same environment running on-prem as you do in the public cloud.

In the video, the CEO outlines several exciting additions that his company is working on releasing over the next few quarters. If you want to learn more about Stratoscale and stay on top of the upcoming releases, visit

Stratoscale 101

If you’re brand new to Stratoscale, in this video Maislos provides a quick overview of what the company offers and what capabilities organizations can expect from the AWS-compatible cloud running on prem.

Stratoscale Use Cases

In a separate video, we discuss what it takes to move an existing virtual infrastructure environment to Stratoscale’s on-prem cloud. Maislos explains what’s possible and what the transition would look like, outlining some of the tools and capabilities that organizations have at their disposal.

More information on Stratoscale, as well as a free evaluation of their On-Prem AWS solution, is available at