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#RoadCast2017 Interview With @Docker: What’s New in Docker Datacenter

The ActualTech Media crew is in Silicon Valley this week to meet and interview industry experts and discuss the latest trends, technologies and the state of enterprise IT.

We met with Vivek Saraswat, Sr. Product Manager for Docker Datacenter, to learn more about the latest release of Docker Datacenter (DDC), the company’s enterprise-level container management solution. As Saraswat explains in our #RoadCast2017 video interview, the newest release is all about security – keeping Docker deployments safe and ensuring there are no vulnerabilities.

One exciting, new feature Saraswat told us about is Docker On-Premises Security Scanning, which allows enterprises to scan through their Docker applications to obtain key information, like locating all of the packages that are in an application and matching them against known vulnerabilities so you can determine what types of vulnerabilities you might be dealing with for each individual application. Because the security scans are being performed on a continual basis, IT teams are able to quickly and easily spot any possible vulnerabilities in their deployment that already have or could potentially be exploited. The feature essentially allows IT to take preventative actions, offering continuous vulnerability monitoring and protection for your cluster as new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Another security feature that’s new to Docker Datacenter is Secrets Management, which allows organizations to add passwords, config data and other sensitive information to a container without exposing the information to other containers in the cluster. As Saraswat explains, Secrets Management lets Docker Datacenter users store confidential data in the cluster and inject it into a running service whenever it’s needed. Combined with the access control features in Docker Datacenter, this becomes a powerful feature for managing and monitoring the use of privileged information.

In addition to the new security features, Docker Datacenter also has several networking features including HTTP routing mesh, which allows users to rout host names to a specific application, according to Saraswat. It also allows organizations to do very complicated routing, which was only available as an experimental feature before.

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Docker was kind enough to send us away with this great eBook on the topic as well! Download the eBook: Docker for the Virtualization Admin to understand what are containers, how they compare to VMs and considerations in using them separately and together.