RoadCast2017, Video

#RoadCast2017: @HedvigInc CEO Interview and SDS Architectural Primer with @hedvigeng and @rwhiteley0

We’ve been on the road speaking with industry experts to share interesting and valuable insights into the current state and future of enterprise IT. The next video in our continuing #RoadCast2017 series, focuses on Hedvig and we went right to the source, speaking with the CEO and founder of Hedvig, Avinash Lakshman.

Lakshman has been creating distributed systems for over a decade for industry giants, like Amazon and Facebook. He’s the co-inventor of Dynamo, Amazon’s highly available key-value store, and Cassandra, Facebook’s distributed storage system for managing structured data.

Hedvig got its start to focus on innovating storage infrastructure for modern data centers; Lakshman wanted to bring his extensive experience with building web-scale distributed systems to solve some of the fundamental problems of enterprise storage.

In the video, Lakshman illustrates what differentiates the company, and virtualization and self-service are a big part of this. The company’s mission is to enable enterprises to use commodity hardware and have all of their intelligence powered by software. In addition to cost savings, Lakshman wants to give organizations the same ease of use that they’re used to. That’s why Hedvig’s software-defined storage is a single platform with complete protocol consolidation, giving organizations control from a centrally managed location, Lakshman told us.

A Closer Look At Hedvig Architecture

We also met with Hedvig’s VP of Marketing, Robert Whiteley, who gave us a primer on Hedvig’s software-defined storage architecture – using 3D printed magnets! Whiteley illustrated how the solution works and what it’s capable of, depending on different scenarios. Check it out to learn more.

Getting Started With Hedvig SDS

In a separate video Whiteley explains what software-defined storage is and what advantages it brings to enterprises. He shares several common use cases and explains where it might make sense for organizations to get started with SDS.

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