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#RoadCast2017: Get The Most From Big Data With @Diablo_Tech’s Memory1

In our continuing #RoadCast2017 video series, we’re speaking with industry experts to get their insights on enterprise IT and what’s coming in 2017. We met with Ty Flowers, Solutions Engineer for Diablo Technologies, to learn about where the company is in 2017.

The Diablo team has been working on improving performance in their DMX software, but they’ve also won some key partnerships that will help the company expand in the market in 2017. In the video Flowers explains that the DMX software is a key component of Diablo’s solution; it manages the I/O between the application and Diablo’s hardware, the Memory1 product, which is the company’s high-capacity system memory module for big data applications.

Memory1 offers 128GB of flash per DIMM and up to 2TB of application memory in a single 1U system, Flowers explains, which is ideal for big data scenarios, like Apache Spark, Hadoop and others, because it can offer capacity and performance.

To learn more about Diablo’s Memory1 technology, visit and check out the video below to see how Apache Spark can be maximized with Diablo’s flash technology.

Maximizing Apache Spark With Memory1

In a separate video, we delve into how Apache Spark can be maximized with Diablo’s Memory1, bringing in all of the different pieces together to make it work better. Flowers offers a real-world use case to illustrate how Diablo’s technology can make significant improvements in performance, ease of management and dollars spent.