RoadCast2017, Video

#RoadCast2017: @CloudianStorage Shares The Power Of Object Storage

We’ve been on the road speaking with industry experts to discuss and share the latest technology trends in enterprise IT. We met with John Toor, CMO of Cloudian, to learn about object storage and some of its most popular use cases.

Object storage offers a way to store unstructured data in a way that’s very scalable, Toor explains. Unlike traditional file structures, object storage is essentially limitless in terms of how far it can grow and how much data it can store, which means you can have a single namespace for all your data.

This doesn’t mean that the data lives in one physical location, however it is all connected under one namespace. And Cloudian’s solution is capable of maintaining a single namespace across multiple physical locations. This brings another advantage to the table: management simplicity. That’s because you can manage all of the data in one place, says Toor, rather than having to manage data across multiple systems.

Today, object storage is becoming mainstream with a variety of organizations adopting it for different use cases.  Toor offers some of the most common use cases for object storage, including data protection and media and entertainment.

Toor also notes that today customers are using object storage to distribute data across an enterprise, whether it’s across multiple sites or multiple geographies. To help organizations do this Cloudian offers a Data GPS capability, which allows IT to get the physical location of any data in the infrastructure. This can come in handy for a number of reasons, including data loss prevention and risk management.

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