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#RoadCast2017: Cloud-Native Security With @Aporeto

The ActualTech Media team has been in Silicon Valley this month meeting with industry experts to discuss the current state of enterprise IT and emerging technologies.

We met with Dimitri Stiliadis, the CEO of Aporeto, a startup with a focus on simplifying security for cloud-native applications. Aporeto’s customers can achieve significant operational simplification, while actually improving their security, according to Stiliadis. What Aporeto does is it eliminates a lot of the additional security tools, devices and the operational complexity that comes with them to bring a simpler, scalable approach to securing distributed applications.

As Stiliadis explains in the video, it’s a security solution that developers actually understand and can work with to secure their cloud applications. With Aporeto, the developers don’t have to rely on the security or network teams to ensure that their applications are secure. Aporeto’s solution creates a more holistic, DevOps oriented environment that’s able to help bridge the gap between the dev and operations teams. It also gives organizations a secure way of deploying containers, microservices and other cloud-native technologies that could otherwise be a roadblock for IT.

Aporeto essentially offers the tools that allow organizations to embrace the latest and greatest technologies they want while meeting their stringent security and business requirements, which means new technologies, like containers and microservices can be deployed faster. Stiliadis calls it maintaining productivity while keeping up with security. If you’re deploying cloud-native anything, it’s a tool that’s definitely worth a closer look.

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