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#RoadCast2017: Application Migration Done Right With @SurelineSystems

In our #RoadCast2017 series we’re speaking with industry experts and leaders to get their take on the current state of enterprise IT and to learn about new technologies available in 2017.

 We asked George Symons, COO of Sureline Systems, to tell us what they’ve been working on and problems the company is solving in the market. As Symons explains, Sureline focuses on application mobility, helping organizations move their workloads between one environment and another, be it physical and virtual servers, to new infrastructure and cloud environments.

In short, Sureline solves the “how do I get there” question when organizations need to migrate data and applications. However, the solution also offers a disaster recovery component so that migrations can be easily completed even when they’re not planned.

IT is undergoing a major shift, Symons notes, moving away from managing the infrastructure where applications run, to making sure applications run on the appropriate infrastructure. We’ve already witnessed some of this shift with internal IT becoming more and more of a service provider for their organizations. And Sureline is helping IT move into this role by improving efficiency, security, as well as enabling automation, so IT teams can get more done.

If you’re interested in learning more about Sureline’s products, solutions and partnerships, visit and watch the video below.

Sureline Partnerships

Sureline has built partnerships with a number of vendors, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, OpenStack, VMware, Red Hat, Nutanix, and many others in order to make automated migrations possible. Symons walks us through Sureline’s deployment model and some of the key partnerships that organizations can take advantage of today.