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Open Source Storage Is Disrupting the Enterprise Market

What do you get when you combine enterprise storage with open source? A zebra. Open Enterprise Storage! At the center of the open enterprise storage movement is iXsystems.

iXsystems is the developer of both TrueNAS and FreeNAS. FreeNAS is the adventurous open-source younger sibling. TrueNAS is the tried, tested, curated, and grown-up enterprise offering. Both have a role to play in making open source storage enterprise-grade.

Open source software is at the core of successful technology companies, ranging from Google to Facebook to Amazon. Not only would these organizations not exist in their current form without open source software, but IT solutions for organizations of all sizes would be far more expensive than they are today.

Open source software democratizes IT by breaking down the official limitations of proprietary software. It both allows vendors and community developers to pool their resources, and allows mission-critical technologies to be affordable by smaller organizations.

Open enterprise storage ensures that mission-critical features aren’t artificially gated by vendors. Open enterprise storage also adheres to open standards and allows data migration without hindrance, reducing TCO by reducing hidden storage acquisition costs.

There’s more to making open source enterprise-grade than just declaring a particular version of the software to be a long-term servicing branch. A solution as complex as enterprise storage requires the curation, integration and interoperation of multiple software projects, rigorous testing, and enterprise-level hardware components.

Key to open enterprise storage’s value is support for – and adherence to – open standards. This includes providing support for standard block, file, and object storage protocols, as well as embracing new hardware standards such as NVMe flash and non-volatile main memory.

Dive into the details of the above, and learn how iXsystems’ TrueNAS brings open source to enterprise storage in our new ebook, “Open Source Storage Is Disrupting the Enterprise Market”.