Nexenta Brings On-Premises Customers into the Cloud with Launch of NexentaCloud and AWS Integration

Hybrid cloud is the reality for most organizations moving forward. They will leverage some combination of on-premises resources and cloud resources to form a complete IT infrastructure that meets their unique business needs. The great thing about hybrid architectures is that you can mix and match parts to come up with an architecture that’s a great fit for your business. One of the many areas that are currently seeing innovation and expansion in the hybrid cloud landscape is storage.

Nexenta, which specializes in open source-driven SDS (OpenSDS), introduced NexentaCloud to the market last week. NexentaCloud is a new family of cloud-native storage products and solutions. Designed and built as an organic extension of Nexenta’s original OpenSDS solutions, the new suite of products allows customers to leverage Nexenta’s solutions in the cloud.

NexentaCloud for AWS (available in AWS Marketplace) is the first product available in the NexentaCloud family. NexentaCloud for AWS is designed to help IT organizations run core business applications that utilize file and block storage native to AWS, while also fully integrating with on-premises solutions. The idea is that the solution can serve as an on-ramp for customers to get to the cloud.

“By further extending our enterprise OpenSDS technology to the cloud, NexentaCloud for AWS lets organizations, especially those who have historically utilized on-premises NAS and SAN server platforms, continue their journey to a hybrid cloud environment,” said Tarkan Maner, chairman and CEO at Nexenta. “NexentaCloud is the next step in our vision to disrupt the status quo. NexentaCloud is the next step in our evolution. It enables customers to expand their data storage assets from on-premises to the cloud, and deliver improved manageability, reliability, and scalability with predictive intelligence.”

NexentaCloud for AWS also includes features you’d expect from enterprise storage, such as snapshots, cloning, thin provisioning, compression, business continuity functions, end-user self-service, and more. Below are some additional highlights:

  • Replication: integrated management of replication and storage operations for all workloads
  • Advanced Analytics Insights: utilizes deep storage analytics across data centers and cloud environments
  • Pre-configured AWS instances: optimized for size and performance
  • Lower TCO: optimizes storage costs with rapid deployment and removal of storage solutions

Some of the early adopters of the platform seem to be quite happy with their results. One NextenaCloud user, Ingrooves, is using the platform to enable the hybrid cloud strategy they have dreamed of. “As a modern music company, Ingrooves has been increasingly storing more and more content, and we were looking for a storage solution which also had the right data protection strategy in place,” explained Nicolas Ratineau, director of systems engineering for Ingrooves.

“With the use of NexentaCloud, combined with NexentaStor on-premise, we are now optimized to remove our older data center from our bottom line costs, and instead utilize the benefits of the public cloud to create a true hybrid strategy,” Ratineau continued. “This gives Ingrooves a reliable DR in the cloud model and, more importantly, a more cost-effective, scalable option to handle growth, a few terabytes at a time.”

NexentaCloud for AWS is available globally today in the AWS Marketplace or via many AWS resellers.