Interview: Maxta’s New Freemium Hyperconvergence Solution #VMworld (@MaxtaInc)

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At VMworld 2016, David Davis interviewed Maxta’s new Vice President of Marketing, Mitch Seigle, about Maxta’s new Freemium Hyperconvergence solution. Hyperconvergence is a hot topic because of the tremendous efficiencies that it brings however every HCI solution is different. Many HCI solutions require that you buy one or multiple hardware appliances. Maxta is an all-software HCI solution which means that it can generally run on your existing vSphere cluster. What is totally new with Maxta is that they are now offering their solution in a “Freemium” offering, which means that you can use Maxta’s hyperconvergence solution – forever – for free! All the details of the Freemium offering are available in the link below and are also discussed by Mitch in the video.

To register for the new Maxta Freemium Hyperconvergence solution visit –

David Davis

David Davis is a partner at ActualTech Media. With over 20 years in enterprise technology, he has served as an IT Manager and has authored hundreds of papers, ebooks, and video training courses. He’s a 6 x vExpert, VCP, VCAP, & CCIE# 9369.

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