How Hyperconverged Infrastructure Ensures Peak Performance in a Cost-Effective Manner

Data growth is a huge issue today, and as the amount of data increases, businesses are struggling to find a way to make sure their infrastructure can handle the load. The key is making sure that performance can to keep up to make the new volume of data truly efficient. But, how? One way is through hyperconverged solutions that leverage flash/SSD technology are designed to make data efficient and increase data center performance. HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged technology delivers deduplication, compression, and optimization for all data globally, across all tiers of the data lifecycle. And it’s all inline, making the data much more efficient to store, move, track, and protect.

In the article linked below, HPE’s Jesse St. Laurent talks more about this problem and about how HPE SimpliVity’s powerful data reduction capabilities can help organizations save money and reduce their overall data footprint.