Get Deep Visibility And Powerful Management With Tintri’s VM-Aware Storage

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In the recent 2016 Enterprise Storage Megacast a number of the top storage vendors showcased their solutions focusing on what sets them apart from the competition. Tintri differentiates itself by offering all-flash and hybrid storage that’s VM-aware and built specifically for virtualized and cloud environments.

Tintri’s software allows you to isolate each VM so that you’re managing your storage at the VM-level, which in turn offers some unique advantages, including reliable performance, predictable latency with mixed I/O workloads, deep insights into your storage and finally, operational simplicity, especially when it comes to scalability. Tintri’s operating system aims to simplify storage management but also offer deeper visibility by functioning at the VM-level (think VMware’s Virtual Volumes aka VVOLs). Tintri supports all of the major hypervisors, including multiple concurrent hypervisors on a single system, and has some unique integrations, particularly in the automation and orchestration space.

Tintri Analytics

Tintri’s Tristan Todd began the presentation by listing some of the top demands that are placed on today’s IT teams, which oftentimes require IT to function like a cloud environment, being able to offer scale, reliable performance, and visibility that users expect. Todd then went on to demo how Tintri’s storage is able to help meet these challenging expectations.

Starting with the dashboard, Todd demoed what type of information you’re able to obtain at the high level, and then how to dig deeper to understand the performance of each virtual machine and where latencies are occurring. He shows how to optimize storage performance, apply quality of service (QoS) policies and manage your storage at both the VM-level as well as at a bigger scale.

In the video, Todd also demoed Tintri’s Global Center — a “single pane of glass” that allows admins to manage multiple Tintri arrays, including different models and a mix of hybrid and all-flash systems, which can be managed as a group. The Global Center interface gives admins deep visibility into the entire data center, but also individual VMstores and virtual machine objects in the environment. What’s more, the Global Center offers meaningful statistics, including hypervisor stats, QoS policies, data protection and replication and much more.

Most importantly, Todd’s demo illustrates the powerful visibility and management capabilities that VM-aware storage brings to the table. The heavy-demo presentation offers valuable insight into Tintri’s powerful enterprise storage solution. More information about Tintri’s VM-aware storage can be found at –

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