Enterprise Container Platform PKS Hits General Availability

Pivotal Container Service (PKS), an enterprise-class platform for creating, deploying and running Kubernetes clusters for both development and production, was made generally available today.

Kubernetes was developed to orchestrate containers at the enterprise level, and quickly became the leading product in its space. The PKS solution adds Pivotal as the infrastructure piece and VMware as the management layer, handling security and networking among other tasks.

“PKS will enable enterprise IT teams to deliver a full-stack CNCF-certified Kubernetes container service that includes networking and storage services, a secure container registry, and service broker capabilities,” VMware said at the initial announcement of PKS in December 2017. “CNCF” stands for Cloud Native Computing Foundation, a consortium dedicated to helping spread adoption of cloud-native technologies.

A VMware blog entry listed the most important initial capabilities of PKS 1.0:

  • Multi-cloud capabilities with initial support on vSphere and GCP
  • Support for Kubernetes 1.9.2, the latest stable version of Kubernetes
  • Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)-certified Kubernetes distribution ensuring portability, interoperability and consistency
  • High availability with health monitoring and self-healing
  • Advanced container networking with NSX-T
  • Enterprise-grade security with isolation, policies, vulnerability scanning, and content trust
  • Multi-tenancy with cluster-level security and autonomy
  • Rapid, on-demand provisioning of Kubernetes clusters

Containers are becoming increasingly common and crucial in cloud computing, but they have traditionally been difficult to work with. Kubernetes was originally developed by Google as a way to simplify the process.

PKS is a commercial release of the open source Kubo technology. Kubo started life as an open source project from Pivotal, Google Cloud, and VMware to bring the multi-cloud deployment capabilities of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (via BOSH) to Kubernetes clusters. Its aim was to provide a consistent method to create, deploy, and manage highly-available Kubernetes clusters on any cloud.

PKS allows multiple Kubernetes clusters to be deployed and managed via a single pane of glass. PKS leverages VMware’s NSX-T software-defined networking (SDN) technology to separate and secure clusters.