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Ease of Use is the Goal for Private Cloud

The decision has been made to move to private cloud. All reasons for or against have been heard, and now it’s time to implement. With this in mind, what options are available for doing so, and how do they affect the design of an organization’s IT?

Private clouds come in flavors, and while each vendor will tell you that their specific flavor is very clearly distinct from the next, it’s more accurate to think of them a bit like sports drinks. Nobody’s entirely sure what flavor “blue” is supposed to be, but “blue” from one vendor tastes more or less like “blue” from another vendor.

The nitty-gritty technical differences do matter, but not as much as the broad categories into which the various private clouds can be lumped: you have to pick what color suits you before worrying over who does that color best.

Spectrum of Choice

The four broad categories of private cloud are:

  1. Extreme Do It Yourself (DIY), usually with open source
  2. Guided DIY, where one combines multiple products from a single vendor to build a cloud solution
  3. A fully-managed Private-Cloud-as-a-Service
  4. Cloud platforms, which are sold as a single product, but owned by the customer

Cloudistics hosts a thoughtful and in-depth discussion of these choices (and specifically 2 and 4) on their Private Cloud Blog.

For a deeper dive on cloud flavors, we also recommend that you watch ActualTech Media CEO Scott D. Lowe interview Cloudistics Chief Scientist Jai Menon in this Discovery Series video. In the interview, Jai answers questions such as:

  • Can you get that simple Amazon-like experience without having to worry so much about the underlining infrastructure?
  • Do you really need a storage specialist, a network specialist, a compute specialist, a virtualization specialist or a generalist specialist to manage everything?
  • Is the Public cloud is the only answer?
  • What are the characteristics of solutions that are required today to help organizations to get over the hurdles of the transformation undertaking?