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Couchbase Virtual Event Runs from Oct. 14-16

Among the things the unprecedented year of 2020 will be remembered for, at least in the IT industry, is virtual conferences. Unable to meet face-to-face with their customers and potential customers, companies have done the next best thing and held online shows with many of the same features, including keynote presentations, sessions and tracks—just without, you know, actual people.

But the opportunities for learning are just as strong, and that’s the case with NoSQL vendor Couchbase. Its free, three-day conference kicks off Oct. 14 and runs through Oct. 16. Called Connect.ONLINE, the event features keynotes from Couchbase executives, 120 sessions, six tracks of product deep dives and a certification prep training track.

The theme of this year’s show is “develop your path,” says Jeff Morris, VP Product & Solutions Marketing at Couchbase. Morris said the keynotes will be delivered on Oct. 14, with a theme of how developer-centric Couchbase is becoming.

The idea, Morris says, is that “Application developers are no longer bound to the database directing everything they’re supposed to be doing.” In fact, he says, it’s the opposite: in this new era, “the developer can drive what the database does for them, so the developer’s in control of their environment.”

Traditionally, Couchbase has catered to IT architects and DevOps workers deploying software in the cloud. Now, developers have been added into the fold, and the integration of those separate teams can mean faster, more efficient software creation, delivery, and implementation. Couchbase calls it “convergence.”

Couchbase Cloud

One example of this convergence is “Couchbase Cloud,” the company’s first Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering. Couchbase Cloud works with Amazon Web Services to provide In-VPC (virtual private cloud) deployment to keep data isolated and secure, with single-pane-of-glass management of multiple clusters. It also offers on-premises (hybrid cloud) to Couchbase Cloud and replication for live migration and disaster recovery, plus cross-cloud replication.

More traditional SQL developers and admins will be interested in Couchbase’s query language, called N1QL (pronounced “nickel”). Its syntax is similar to SQL, which is uncommon for NoSQL databases. That means learning N1QL is a simple matter for those with experience. “If you know SQL, it takes you about four-and-a-half minutes to get comfortable with N1QL,” Morris says.

There will, of course, be sessions on N1QL at Connect.ONLINE. One of the interesting aspects of this virtual gathering is the interaction with attendees. The sessions are pre-recorded, which is typical for these events. What’s very cool, however, is that the presenters will also be live online as their session plays, and taking questions about their presentations in real-time chat forums with session attendees. In that way, it provides some of the feeling of being in the room during the session, and raising your hand and asking a question.

Other upgrades and innovations that will be announced and demonstrated at the conference include new backup and data integration with AWS S3 storage; improvements to mobile support; and new Kubernetes functionality to enhance cloud-native development.

Couchbase expects several thousand attendees at the virtual conference, and registration continues. If you’re a developer and using NoSQL, it’s an event worth checking out.