Briefing Update

Complete Your Cloud Picture With Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Data Fabric From ioFABRIC

Do you ever feel like “cloud” is everywhere these days?  If so, you’re right.  More and more, enterprise IT vendors are working hard to enable their customers’ cloud priorities, which run the range from using the cloud as a disaster recovery target to using cloud as a production workload target.

To this end, ioFABRIC recently introduced Vicinity 3.0, the latest edition of the company’s software defined storage solution.  Vicinity 3.0 includes a number of new capabilities intended to help customers improve overall storage costs while also strengthening data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.

ioFABRIC Vicinity is a true software defined storage platform.  From the company, customers acquire software, which they then install on their own hardware, although ioFABRIC also has hardware partners that can provide customers with bundled solutions.  The ioFABRIC Control Plane component handles managing performance, capacity, data protection, and overall cost.  It accomplishes this by managing any number of Data Plane nodes, which can expose storage capacity via SMB, NFS, or block protocols.  Data Plane nodes can operate using any manner of storage technology, including NVDIMMs, NVMe/PCIe-based storage, SSDs, SAN/NAS storage, as well as cloud-based storage.  The Control Plane node makes data placement decisions based on workload performance requirements and the cost of the underlying storage media.  According to ioFABRIC, Vicinity 3.0 Automatically uses least-cost media while maintaining all requested storage SLAs, a capability afforded by the company’s Swarm Intelligence-based Data AI, which optimizes costs across a customer’s entire data fabric.

Also on the cost front, ioFABRIC Vicinity promises to customers that they will never again have to perform the manual storage migration task that has become so common as storage systems mature.  With the ability to seamlessly migrate storage between managed targets, companies can easily and automatically migrate data between sites and between clouds.

On the data protection front, Vicinity 3.0 brings to market some important and timely new capabilities.  In a world in which ransomware has become a dangerous, and sometimes deadly, scourge, ioFABRIC’s immutable snapshots are a welcome development.  These space efficient incremental snapshots are not accessible by any currently known ransomware, making them ideal for protecting organizations.

Data protection also assumes good levels of overall availability.  Vicinity has self-healing capabilities, which allow it to work around disk and network failures that invariably occur.  This capability translates to an enhanced business continuity readiness state, which brings added value for customers.

In a world in which “software defined” all too often appears underneath the word “hardware”, it’s good to see a solution that appears to live up to the moniker and that is available for a very reasonable cost.  For more information about ioFABRIC’s multi-site, multi-cloud Data Fabric product, head over to