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Citrix Buys Public Cloud ‘Traffic Cop’ Vendor Cedexis

Citrix Buys Public Cloud ‘Traffic Cop’ Vendor Cedexis

As more apps move to the cloud, and multi-cloud environments begin to proliferate, the management of all that traffic over divergent networks becomes a challenge. Latency, security and workload balancing get harder as these apps traverse multiple networks, impacting the end user experience.

To help address these issues, Citrix Systems, Inc. just bought a vendor that acts as a traffic cop for the Internet. Citrix recently announced that it has bought Cedexis, a company that optimizes and intelligently routes traffic across public clouds, data centers, CDNs, and ISPs.

“IT teams will be able to respond and act quicker when troubleshooting network issues, managing load across clouds, and handling capacity changes to scale with business needs,” Steve Shah, VP of Product Management at Citrix, said in the press release. “Moreover, IT can reduce network and cloud costs while providing the best end-user experience.”

Cedexis offers a software-defined application delivery platform. It collects real-time data from more than 50,000 networks and 130 service providers daily, and uses that data to determine the best way to route data across the Internet. Shah compared it to another common routing technology. “It’s like combining GPS and a self-driving car to ensure traffic takes the most efficient and effective route; it is a game changer,” he said.

Citrix’s focus is on delivering end-user applications remotely via products like XenApp and XenDesktop, and the more comprehensive Citrix Workspace, which includes both and layers additional management and functionality on top. This makes the acquisition of Cedexis a good natural fit for Citrix.

Cedexis CEO Ryan Windham and Citrix Chief Product Officer explained the thinking behind the acquisition in a blog post. “… the increase in modern distributed applications powered by microservices in hybrid and multi-cloud environments demands a new approach to connecting far-flung application users with the information they need, delivered as near to instantaneously as possible. Cedexis’ proven data-driven approach will inform new solutions that ensure performance-driven decisions aren’t executed in an economic vacuum:  beyond significantly improving the workspace and internet experience, these combined solutions will optimize for cost and value, empowering organizations around the world to create profitable, sustainable businesses.”

Portland, Ore.-based Cedexis was founded in 2009 and has 77 employees. It’s received $33 million in venture capital over the years. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.