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    #VMworld 2016 Interview with Illumio (@Illumio)

    There was a lot of talk about micro-segmentation this year at VMworld, as VMware continues to educate its users on NSX while at the same time integrating the technology further within its SDDC vision. What some VMworld goers might not realize is that NSX is not the only option for micro-segmentation… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview with Datto (@Datto)

    Datto (@Datto) provides products and services that focus on data protection, backup and disaster recovery, and business continuity for physical and virtual servers, both on-prem and in the cloud, including cloud-to-cloud for SaaS applications. You might think, there’s lots of B/DR and disaster rec… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview with ClearSky Data (@ClearSkyData)

    While the need for more storage keeps growing the cloud is a viable option, but not every enterprise can deal with the inevitable performance and latency issues that come with it. ClearSky Data (@ClearSkyData) saw this problem as an opportunity to deliver enterprise storage as a fully managed, SLA-b… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview with RES (@RESsoftware)

    Onboarding new users can be a complicated, cumbersome and time consuming process. RES (@RESsoftware) specializes in making this process faster and easier for IT by leveraging automation to deliver IT services. We spoke with Thomas Brown, Sales Engineer at RES, to learn more about how RES works and w… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Zerto (@Zerto)

    Zerto (@Zerto) is moving beyond backup and disaster recovery, focusing on the bigger picture to help enterprises achieve resiliency. The company unveiled some big news around its 5.0 product and at VMworld Zerto’s CMO, Gil Levonai, outlined the new features and capabilities, including support for… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Runecast (@RuneCastBiz)

    After years of troubleshooting issues in vSphere environments, the team at Runecast (@RuneCastBiz) decided to create its own tool to help organizations be more proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to identifying and mitigating potential issues and preventing outages. Runecast’s CEO, Stani… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Blue Medora (@Bluemedora)

    Blue Medora (@bluemedora) focuses on performance management, monitoring and creating efficiency, offering what the company calls “true visibility” into vROps through its extensions. Today, Blue Medora offers over 30 management packs for vRealize Operations suite. Chris Noordyke, VP of Global Sal… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Tintri Storage (@Tintri)

    Tintri's (@Tintri) hybrid and all-flash storage is built specifically for virtualized and cloud environments. The company calls it "VM-aware" storage, promising performance optimization and benefits that traditional storage just can’t deliver. But do you really need all-flash storage? That’s… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Platform9 (@Platform9Sys)

    Simplifying the journey to the cloud is the mission of a lot of vendors these days. Today, you’ll find a wide range of solutions that target customers moving to the cloud in a number of different ways. Platform9 (@Platform9Sys) focuses on private cloud services that leverage open standards, like O… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Day 2: Unified Endpoint Management, VMware Integrated OpenStack 3 & vSphere Integrated Containers

    VMware's GM of End-User Computing, Sanjay Poonen (@spoonen), and CTO, Ray O'Farrell (@ray_ofarrell), took to the stage on day two of VMworld 2016 to share some key announcements around the company's products and strategy that focus on improving the user experience, both from an admin and end-user pe… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Login VSI (@LoginVSI)

    Although many VMworld goers might already be familiar with Login VSI's (@LoginVSI) desktop testing products, specifically for VDI environments, what many might not have heard about is Login AM, the company's automation piece. We interviewed Login VSI's CEO, Eric-Jan (EJ) Van Leeuwen, about this cool… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview with Thycotic (@Thycotic)

    Security continues to be massively problematic in organizations of all shapes and sizes, and particularly in the enterprise. Thycotic (@thycotic) is helping to solve some of the main issues around password management and privileged accounts through unique and powerful techniques. Chris Widstrom, Tec… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With CloudPhysics (@CloudPhysics)

    CloudPhysics (@CloudPhysics) stole the hearts and minds of VMworld attendees back in 2012, creating a lot of buzz around its SaaS-based virtualization and data center management solution. Four years later, the CloudPhysics platform is able to leverage big data to provide organizations with predictiv… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With Velostrata (@Velostrata)

    Moving to public cloud environments is typically a challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to migrating data. The team at Velostrata (@Velostrata) is helping to resolve this problem with an elegant solution that moves compute workloads to the cloud in minutes, giving customers total control o… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With NooBaa (@NooBaaStorage)

    Storage continues to take center stage at VMworld 2016 with plenty of intriguing innovations covering the whole gamut of the storage arena. In the area of unstructured data storage one company in particular caught our attention and so we spoke with Yuval Dimnik, CEO of NooBaa (@NooBaaStorage), to le… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Interview With David Klee

    David Klee, Founder and Chief Architect at Heraflux Technologies, chatted with us this week at VMworld 2016 about optimizing SQL Server licensing and specifically, how to avoid CPU scheduling issues in virtual environments. David does a lot of work with SQL databases helping customers optimize their… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    #VMworld 2016 Day 1: Cross-Cloud Services & the New Cross-Cloud Architecture

    It's the first day of VMworld 2016 and VMware is continuing to execute on its SDDC and hybrid cloud vision with the announcement of its new Cross-Cloud Architecture. As Pat Gelsinger, the VMware's CEO, put it during the keynote address, it's a way for VMware to offer more freedom and control when wo… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
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    What You Need to Know About VMware VSAN: #VMworld 2016 Preview

    Earlier this year, VMware introduced an awesome new VSAN version 6.2 with a lot of new features like Deduplication and Compression, Erasure Coding (RAID-5/6), Storage Quality of Service (QoS) and much more. It's time to get up to speed on what VSAN can do, just in time for VMworld 2016! VMware's… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc