1. Spotlight Series

    Cosmonic’s Goal Is To Make Developers’ Lives Easier

    In the early days of software development (and those days are unfortunately still with us in some companies), applications were handcuffed. They were typically built for a specific operating system like Windows or Linux, and designed to run on specific hardware. That limited the apps in numerous way… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  2. Spotlight Series

    Modernize Your Legacy Apps with VirtaMove

    You want to take advantage of all the benefits of modern servers and operating systems, but your legacy apps are holding you back. That’s a story that many companies can tell. But VirtaMove wants to change the ending of that story. VirtaMove, as VP of Marketing Dan Moshkovich tells ActualTech M… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  3. Spotlight Series

    Elisity Says That Proper Security Means Trusting No One

    “All of the work that’s done to secure assets is great, but all it takes is exploiting the weakest link in the chain.” That’s the governing philosophy as expressed by Elisity CEO James Winebrenner, and it’s why Elisity focuses on the “zero trust model.” “Zero trust” is a hot ind… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  4. Spotlight Series

    Ordr Helps You Get Control of Your Connected Devices

    Connected devices, including traditional IT, Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technologies (OT), are proliferating at a mind-boggling rate. That can be useful, but it also comes with significant risk: many of these devices are essentially invisible on your network. That means you don’t kn… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  5. Spotlight Series

    Cofense: Stop Phishing Emails Before They Do Their Damage

    The Cofense website has this startling statistic: 90% of security breaches start with an email phishing attempt. That should make you sit up and take notice. In this “Spotlight Series” video, ActualTech Media Partner David Davis chats with Keith Ibarguen, chief product officer, Cofense, about… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  6. Spotlight Series

    Infrastructure-as-Code Made Easy with env0

    Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC): it’s one of those phrases many in IT are aware of, but few actually understand at a deep level. In (very) brief, IaC is a way to deploy and manage cloud infrastructure in an automated fashion. Why is that important? Because cloud development and deployment can be v… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  7. Spotlight Series

    Aunalytics Offers ‘Insights as a Service’

    CMO Katie Horvath says that when it comes to data analytics, companies often ask the wrong questions. Instead of worrying about digital transformation milestones, for instance, the data platform company Aunalytics asks this: “What are the business questions you’re trying to answer? What are the… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  8. Spotlight Series

    Moonwalk Helps Companies Get a Handle on Data Management

    Your data is growing, probably by leaps and bounds in this current era. And it’s likely that some, or even most, of that data is unstructured. That data, kept in object storage, is great to have—if you can manage it properly. That’s what Moonwalk Universal brings to the table. Moonwalk, as… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  9. Spotlight Series

    Algoblu Introduces ‘Network Element Virtualization’

    “Network Element Virtualization”: It sounds impressive, doesn’t it? In fact, it is impressive, and this new technology from Algoblu can transform your network operations. As Edward Qin, Chief Product Officer for Algoblu, explains to ActualTech Media Partner/CEO Scott Lowe in this “Spotlig… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  10. Spotlight Series

    Buurst: Data Management at the Edge and in the Cloud

    In today’s modern IT infrastructure, it’s critical for enterprises to be able to a) store data both on- and off-premises, and b) move and manage that data effectively. It’s a cloud and edge computing world, after all, and data is at the center of it all. Buurst exists to help with both of t… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  11. Spotlight Series

    Datadobi Migrates Your On- and Off-Premises Data Quickly and Securely

    Sure, you can use a free, vendor-supplied utility to upload data from your on-premises environment to the cloud. But should you? That’s a question you can answer with a hearty “you betcha!” if you’re using Datadobi. That’s because Datadobi has a “maniacal focus on data integrity,” S… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  12. Spotlight Series

    ionir Smooths the On-ramp to Kubernetes and Container Storage

    Managing storage for containers and Kubernetes is a challenge, as every admin knows. But does it have to be as difficult as it is? ionir doesn’t think so. In this “Spotlight Series” video, Kirby Wadsworth, Chief Marketing Officer for ionir, discusses his company’s storage and data managem… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  13. Spotlight Series

    Nasuni Provides a ‘NAS in the Cloud’

    You know you need to be in the cloud. There are so many advantages in terms of scalability and availability, data resilience, backup and disaster recovery, and so on. But getting to the cloud can be scary, especially if you’re a traditional IT shop with apps and data stored in your on-premises dat… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  14. Spotlight Series

    Prevention as a Service? Where Do I Sign Up?

    “Prevention as a Service.” Now that’s an “X as a Service” that’s new in the industry, but it’s an exciting idea! According to Perception Point VP of Customer Success & Incident Response Motti Elloul, it means to protect customers from any content-based attacks from any channel that all… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  15. Spotlight Series

    Vcinity Provides LAN Speeds for Data Access—No Matter Where the Data Lives

    “Local Performance on a Global Scale.” That’s the promise made on the Vcinity website. Does it sound too good to be true? That’s what they discuss on this episode of ActualTech Media’s Spotlight Series of videos. Vcinity VP of Marketing Noemi Greyzdorf spoke with ActualTech Media CEO an… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  16. Spotlight Series

    Beef Up Your Cloud Security with Solvo

    “By 2023, 75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges, up from 50% in 2020.” This statistic, from Gartner, should be a warning to organizations about upcoming security threats. Getting out ahead of that looming danger is what Solvo is… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  17. Spotlight Series

    DSM Offers Unified Data Management for Florida Businesses

    DSM understands that your data is your company’s most valuable asset. That’s why they offer a managed service that protects your data, keeping you one step ahead of the bad guys. DSM Product Manager Brian Banaszynski spoke with ActualTech Media CEO Scott Lowe for this Spotlight Series video,… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  18. Spotlight Series

    Up-Level Your Incident Response Game with StackPulse

    Getting alerts about things that have gone wrong in your production systems is crucial for making sure your operations run smoothly. But how do you know which alerts are most important for your company? How do you know which alerts to tackle first? And what do you do about “alert fatigue,” the s… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  19. Spotlight Series

    Alkira Connects You To Any Cloud, Anywhere

    David Klebanov, head of product marketing for Alkira, asks a fascinating question during his discussion with ActualTech Media Partner James Green: What if you’d had the chance to design your network with the cloud in mind? That’s what drove the idea behind Alkira, which offers networking (or… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  20. Spotlight Series

    HYCU Says It’s ‘All About the Recovery’

    Simon Taylor, CEO of HYCU, says “It’s not about backup. Anybody can build backup. It’s about great recovery,” what does he mean? He means, in IT terms, that backup is now just table stakes—it’s baked in. But when you’re hit with a ransomware attack, what businesses need to know is h… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  21. Spotlight Series

    Lightbits Offers NVMe Performance with All-Flash Features

    There’s no doubt that NVMe is lightning-fast storage. The problem is that it’s confined to servers. But what if you could break it free from those constraints, and pool it? It could open up new worlds of speed as well as scalability. Lightbits Labs has done just that, as VP of Product Marketi… Read More

    By Keith Ward