1. Software Development

    Cosmonic’s Goal Is To Make Developers’ Lives Easier

    In the early days of software development (and those days are unfortunately still with us in some companies), applications were handcuffed. They were typically built for a specific operating system like Windows or Linux, and designed to run on specific hardware. That limited the apps in numerous way… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  2. Software Development

    Render Wants To ‘Make DevOps Go Away’

    When Anurag Goel, CEO of Render, says that his company’s goal is to “make DevOps go away,” what does he mean? As he tells ActualTech Media Partner James Green in this Spotlight Series video chat, he means that there should be as little friction as possible between the developer and the depl… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  3. Software Development

    What’s the Future of Java and Other Java Virtual Machine Languages?

    Among the many innovations Java introduced was the exposure of its internal byte code, or “virtual machine.” Many languages by then (1995) were converted or compiled into some intermediate format before being assembled into native machine code, but Java’s designers placed this virtual machine… Read More

    By Andrew Orem