1. RoadCast

    Intro To Rozo Systems: Unique High Performance SDS Filesystem For Data Center & Cloud

    In the last few years, the software defined storage space has exploded with new technologies as well as enterprises that have adopted SDS solutions. However, SDS hasn’t always been able to offer the high-performance that enterprises require and when it has, it typically came with a bigger price ta… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  2. RoadCast

    Democratizing Webscale Storage For The Enterprise With Hedvig

    Companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon are utilizing cutting-edge technologies that most organizations can only dream about. But there’s one vendor that’s hoping to change that by helping to bring some of the technologies being implemented by the behemoths in our industry to enterprise IT by… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  3. RoadCast

    Hardware Vs. Software, Hypervisor Freedom & Resiliency With Maxta’s Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    Hardware versus software. It’s a debate that’s been going on for years in the storage space. There are strong proponents of each approach and it seems the answer is not as clear-cut as one might think. As part of our most recent RoadCast video series, we met with Maxta, a software-defined sto… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  4. RoadCast

    Uila Simplifies Hybrid Cloud Migration With An Application-Centric Solution

    The journey to the hybrid cloud for any organization can be a challenge. There’s a lot of complexity, a lot of moving parts and important business and technology considerations that must be taken into account. When you speak with IT pros who have gone through the process or are currently planning… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  5. RoadCast

    Skyport Systems: Will Cloud Really Kill The On-Prem Data Center Or Did We Fall For The Big Lie?

    These days it seems like every organization is in the process of, planning to or already completed their move to the cloud. The advantages that public cloud can bring typically outweigh the benefits of a traditional data center. Some might even go as far as to say the cloud is eating the world. B… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  6. RoadCast

    How ZeroStack Is Unifying Application Development And IT With Next-Gen Private Cloud

    Bridging the gap between application development teams and IT is a priority for many organizations. App development teams want to be able to move fast, but in order to do that they need the right resources available on demand. IT teams, on the other hand, have processes in place that must be followe… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  7. RoadCast

    Tachyum’s Cloud Chip Of The Future & The End Of Moore’s Law

    When most of us think about the future of the cloud and where data centers are headed, we think of a bright future with infinite scalability, unparalleled performance, unlimited flexibility and control, and endless possibilities. What we typically don’t consider is the energy impact of bigger, bet… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  8. RoadCast

    Interview with MVP J. Peter Bruzzese on Office 365 Security and Training - Live from Microsoft Ignite 2017

    In this interview with Microsoft MVP,  J. Peter Bruzzese, David Davis of ActualTechMedia chats with Peter at Microsoft Ignite 2017 about Office365 Security and how to stay up to date on constantly changing technology. From the Mimecast booth, Peter first provides his take on the Microsoft Ignite… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  9. RoadCast

    Interview Series with Tintri Field CTOs Covering the Latest Storage Innovations - Live from Ignite 2017

    In these interviews, live from Microsoft Ignite 2017, Tintri Field CTOs Chris Colotti, Kristopher Boyd, and Matt Geddes talk with David Davis of ActualTechMedia about the latest enterprise storage innovations from Tintri. In the first of the interviews, Chris Colotti, VCDX and Field CTO at Tintri… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  10. RoadCast

    Interview with Craig Nunes VP of Marketing at Datrium - Live from Ignite 2017

    In this interview, live from Microsoft Ignite 2017, Craig Nunes (@craigslisst) VP of Marketing at Datrium talks with David Davis of ActualTechMedia about Open Convergence. With Datrium’s Open Convergence, virtualized hosts gain flash storage, integrated backup, cloud archival, increased performanc… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  11. RoadCast

    Larry Chapman from trusource labs Talks Hyperconvergence from Maxta with David Davis

    Live from VMworld 2017, ActualTechMedia interviews the most innovative enterprise technology companies in their #RoadCast series. In this interview with Maxta customer, Larry Chapman, IT Infrastructure Manager of trusource labs, Larry shares what he has done to modernize their IT infrastructure u… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  12. RoadCast

    Stay Current with Trends in Enterprise IT by Following the ActualTech Media RoadCast Series

    As you might imagine, staying current with technology trends and the companies that participate in those trends is critically important for us at ActualTech Media.  Although we are constantly attending briefings and various conferences, nothing replaces actual one-on-one face-to-face discussions wi… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe