1. Data Center

    Container Security Vendor Tigera Gets a $10 Million Round of Funding

    Trust is generally seen as a good thing. But when it comes to the world of cloud computing, that idea doesn’t work. In fact, it’s a very, very bad thing when your applications are trusting the wrong technologies; it leads to compromise and all kinds of security issues. What’s needed in thes… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  2. Data Center

    Microsoft Buys Storage Optimizer Avere Systems

    I’ve written about Avere Systems recently, and how impressed I am with the company and its products. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who saw the potential in its storage solutions, as it was just acquired by Microsoft. Avere’s mission of optimizing flash storage for greater speed and effic… Read More

    By James D. Green
  3. Data Center

    Researchers Warn of Huge Security Flaw Affecting Most Computers Built in Last 20 Years

    New Year, new security vulnerability. And this may be one of the worst ever. Do you have a computer? Then you’re likely susceptible to new flaws exposed this week. They’re known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre,” and are equal-opportunity attackers: they can hit Windows, Linux and Mac compu… Read More

    By James D. Green
  4. Data Center

    Opvizor Performance Analyzer 4.6 Is Now Available

    Although virtualization provides many advantages over the old-school “one server per application” paradigm, one area that it hasn’t improved is monitoring and troubleshooting. With the explosion of virtual machines comes a manifold increase of stats to keep an eye on, and more things to go wro… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  5. Data Center

    Moving Beyond Backups to Enterprise-Data-as-a-Service

    What do you do when your disaster recovery turns into a plain old disaster? Well, if you’re the large media corporation News-Press & Gazette Company (NPG), you turn to Actifio for help. And you get even more than you expected. Our friends at Actifio recently shared a handful of interesting case st… Read More

    By James D. Green
  6. Data Center

    Cloud-Like Expenses with an On-Premises Experience

    Reality has set in and it’s probably safe to say that the hype about “cloud” has subsided. Business leaders today logically evaluate the benefits of public cloud services and determine where they may be able to improve their product, operations, or bottom line. Sometimes, their assessment is t… Read More

    By James D. Green
  7. Data Center

    Enterprise Tech Summit 2017 Preview #ETS17

    For the second year in a row, I'll be attending the Emerging Technology Summit event in Minneapolis, MN this year. I'm honor to say that, this year, I'll be giving the conference keynote presentation. In this post, I'd like to give you a preview of what you can expect at the conference. Also, if yo… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  8. Data Center

    Spartans and Servers and Storage, Oh My!

    In 480 B.C., during the Greco-Persian wars, the famous Battle of Thermopylae took place between the invading Persian Empire led by king Xerxes and an alliance of Greek city-states led by Leonidas of Sparta. You may remember Leonidas and this battle from the movie "300." The battle was notable and… Read More

    By James D. Green
  9. Data Center

    How Does VMware NSX Help the vSphere Admin? Learn on the #DEMOCAST

    As a former system admin, a visual learner, and someone who likes to see things happening (fast), I get weary of technology solutions that are presented with a lot of talk and little action. You know the presentations I'm talking about - those with 30, 40, 50, 80, or 100 slides or honestly, any pres… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  10. Data Center

    The Purity of Hyperconverged Infrastructure: What’s in a Name?

    Let’s start with the obvious: “Hyperconverged infrastructure” is a made-up phrase.  Early on, the generally accepted definition was a combination of servers, storage, and a hypervisor in a series of individual appliances.  The underlying assumption is that workloads run alongside storage on… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  11. Data Center

    Backup and Recovery in the Cloud: Simplification is Actually Really Hard

    Still doing all of your backup and recovery locally?  “To the cloud” will be the rallying cry that you hear from, well, pretty much everyone these days.  After all, it’s super easy to retarget your backups at the cloud and drink all of that sweet, sweet unlimited storage capacity and never h… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  12. Data Center

    More Isn't Always Better

    At Tech Field Day 14 in Boston a few weeks ago, the delegates had a chance to hear from Turbonomic. I had a special dose of excitement for this presentation for a few reasons. First of all, VMTurbo (Turbonomic’s old name) was a presenter at my first-ever Tech Field Day event back in early 2014… Read More

    By James D. Green
  13. Data Center

    Why Do Technology Vendors Invest In Open Source?

    At Tech Field Day 14, NetApp (@netapp) kicked off the event as the first presenter and also brought the biggest surprise of the event. In a refreshingly modern and progressive set of presentations, the presenters discussed NetApp’s open source contributions and their integrations with cloudy tools… Read More

    By James D. Green
  14. Data Center

    Can Oracle Build a Viable Public Cloud?

    What if I told you that Oracle was building a public cloud offering that could rival the offerings from AWS, Microsoft, and Google? If you're like most folks in enterprise IT, you'd have one of two reactions: you'd either laugh me out of the room and never invite me back, or you'd think that I ha… Read More

    By James D. Green
  15. Data Center

    Rethink HCI with Pivot3 Acuity Software and X5 Hardware Nodes

    If you haven’t heard of Pivot3, you need to fire up Google and take a look at them.  For some, Pivot3 was one of the progenitors of hyperconverged infrastructure and, even before the phrase hyperconverged was invented, had an appliance series with traits eerily similar to what we now call hyperco… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  16. Data Center

    Introducing Free Vendor-Neutral Hyperconverged Infrastructure Professional Training & Certificate

    It’s no secret that hyperconvergence is the next wave of innovation and efficiency in the modern data center, following virtualization. Yet the concept is still fairly new to many in the IT world. The opportunities and benefits that hyperconverged infrastructure offers are still waiting to be unco… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  17. Data Center

    An Introduction to SD-WAN

    Implementing branch offices for Enterprise organizations can be a challenge regardless of whether there is one branch or hundreds of branches. One of the many challenges that enterprises face is the selection of technology used to connect headquarters with each of the individual branch offices. Trad… Read More

    By Sean Wilkins
  18. Data Center

    2017 Enterprise IT Secrets Revealed!

    First off, 2017 will see an increase in the quantity of clickbait article titles... Each year about this time, analysts, bloggers, and random people on the street start to prognosticate about the coming year, seeking to predict the trend that will define the year, the hype that will get blown out… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  19. Data Center

    The Maritime Future of IT?

    I'm not sure where the obsession with nautical entities in the cloud/data center startup world came from, but from where I'm standing, it looks like taking an aquatic stance is a reasonably good predictor of success. Let's see... Docker has the cute little whale. Kubernetes comes from a Greek w… Read More

    By James D. Green
  20. Data Center

    What We Learned In The 2016 Enterprise Storage Megacast

    ActualTech Media’s final megacast of 2016 covers six different approaches to enterprise storage from six different vendors. From leveraging next-gen flash and radically simplifying backups, to utilizing powerful VM-aware and hyperconverged solutions and the best of what the cloud has to offer, the… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc
  21. Data Center

    Solve Secondary Storage Problems With Cohesity’s Hyperconverged Platform

    ActualTech Media’s final megacast of the year, which focused on Enterprise Storage, hosted six of the leading enterprise storage vendors, including Cohesity, a startup that offers a platform for data consolidation. Cohesity’s mission is to redefine secondary storage – all of the data storage c… Read More

    By Kasia Lorenc