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    Executive Briefing: Excelero Provides Performance of Local NVMe Across the Network

    There’s no doubt that Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) is the storage of the future. It’s extremely fast and low-latency; a perfect fit for workloads needing the highest level of performance currently available. That amazing performance, though, starts to take a hit as soon as you leave the… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Technology Experts Share Their Top Tips and Advice for 'World Backup Day'

    Backing up data should be one of the most fundamental of all IT activities. Yet, time and again, companies that should know better fail to properly create, secure and validate their backups. This Saturday, March 31, is World Backup Day, a day created to raise awareness for data backup and protect… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
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    Data In The Context of Digital Transformation

    In case you weren’t aware, we are on the cusp of a full-on data tsunami. Thanks to the digital transformation movement, there are a growing number of systems and devices in use in any given business, and they’re throwing off data which needs to be stored, protected, and often analyzed. Businesse… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    HyperGrid's HyperCloud 5.0 Adds Raft of Updates to Ease Cloud Implementations

    Pretty much every IT shop has looked at moving at least some of its operations to the cloud, whether it’s a private, public or hybrid cloud. The benefits in terms of costs, efficiency and reduced dev/test time are well known by this point. One of the major stumbling blocks to making this happen… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Enterprise Container Platform PKS Hits General Availability

    Pivotal Container Service (PKS), an enterprise-class platform for creating, deploying and running Kubernetes clusters for both development and production, was made generally available today. Kubernetes was developed to orchestrate containers at the enterprise level, and quickly became the leadin… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Red Hat Buys Container Vendor CoreOS

    The red-hot container industry got another log added to the fire with the recent announcement that Red Hat is buying CoreOS, a company focused on container-based development and management. The deal, which was reportedly valued at $250 million, gives Red Hat a significantly larger footprint in th… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Container Security Vendor Tigera Gets a $10 Million Round of Funding

    Trust is generally seen as a good thing. But when it comes to the world of cloud computing, that idea doesn’t work. In fact, it’s a very, very bad thing when your applications are trusting the wrong technologies; it leads to compromise and all kinds of security issues. What’s needed in thes… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    Microsoft Buys Storage Optimizer Avere Systems

    I’ve written about Avere Systems recently, and how impressed I am with the company and its products. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who saw the potential in its storage solutions, as it was just acquired by Microsoft. Avere’s mission of optimizing flash storage for greater speed and effic… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Researchers Warn of Huge Security Flaw Affecting Most Computers Built in Last 20 Years

    New Year, new security vulnerability. And this may be one of the worst ever. Do you have a computer? Then you’re likely susceptible to new flaws exposed this week. They’re known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre,” and are equal-opportunity attackers: they can hit Windows, Linux and Mac compu… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Cloud Computing Boosts Server Sales

    Contrary to popular perception in the IT industry, server sales are not dying out: in fact, they’re experiencing a growth spurt. And the type of growth says a lot about where we may be headed in the near- and long-term. Gartner Inc. recently released its worldwide server revenue tracker, showin… Read More

    By Keith Ward
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    ICYMI - AWS re:Invent Recap

    The juggernaut that was Amazon Web Service's re:Invent conference took over Las Vegas at the end of November: about 43,000 attendees were spread across multiple venues along The Strip. The conference, as expected, had its slew of announcements, starting with a firehose of information during CEO A… Read More

    By Julian Wood
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    Avere Systems’ Latest Edge Filer Handles the Most Demanding Hybrid Cloud Workloads

    In the cloud era, it’s all about scale. That’s especially true for extremely intensive workloads that are moving huge amounts of data. And the more intensive the workload, the more crucial the need to manage storage efficiently without sacrificing performance. Because, let’s face it: if your s… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Still Backhauling All Internet-Bound Traffic To Your Data Center?

    A long-held tradition of enterprise security professionals is to inspect everything. Not a bad practice, really. But deciding that no traffic can enter or exit the organization's network without being inspected does have a tendency to introduce some interesting challenges with regard to network des… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Cloud-Like Expenses with an On-Premises Experience

    Reality has set in and it’s probably safe to say that the hype about “cloud” has subsided. Business leaders today logically evaluate the benefits of public cloud services and determine where they may be able to improve their product, operations, or bottom line. Sometimes, their assessment is t… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Backup and Recovery in the Cloud: Simplification is Actually Really Hard

    Still doing all of your backup and recovery locally?  “To the cloud” will be the rallying cry that you hear from, well, pretty much everyone these days.  After all, it’s super easy to retarget your backups at the cloud and drink all of that sweet, sweet unlimited storage capacity and never h… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
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    More Isn't Always Better

    At Tech Field Day 14 in Boston a few weeks ago, the delegates had a chance to hear from Turbonomic. I had a special dose of excitement for this presentation for a few reasons. First of all, VMTurbo (Turbonomic’s old name) was a presenter at my first-ever Tech Field Day event back in early 2014… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Why Do Technology Vendors Invest In Open Source?

    At Tech Field Day 14, NetApp (@netapp) kicked off the event as the first presenter and also brought the biggest surprise of the event. In a refreshingly modern and progressive set of presentations, the presenters discussed NetApp’s open source contributions and their integrations with cloudy tools… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Can Oracle Build a Viable Public Cloud?

    What if I told you that Oracle was building a public cloud offering that could rival the offerings from AWS, Microsoft, and Google? If you're like most folks in enterprise IT, you'd have one of two reactions: you'd either laugh me out of the room and never invite me back, or you'd think that I ha… Read More

    By James D. Green
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    Put Private Cloud Knowledge in Your Hands With the Stratoscale Wiki

    Unless your living situation involves granite and a cave, you’re aware that the cloud is descending upon IT and has the potential to change—for the better or for the worse, depending on your perspective—how we do business, both inside and outside IT.  Every day, it seems like there are ne… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
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    2017 Enterprise IT Secrets Revealed!

    First off, 2017 will see an increase in the quantity of clickbait article titles... Each year about this time, analysts, bloggers, and random people on the street start to prognosticate about the coming year, seeking to predict the trend that will define the year, the hype that will get blown out… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
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    The Maritime Future of IT?

    I'm not sure where the obsession with nautical entities in the cloud/data center startup world came from, but from where I'm standing, it looks like taking an aquatic stance is a reasonably good predictor of success. Let's see... Docker has the cute little whale. Kubernetes comes from a Greek w… Read More

    By James D. Green