1. Briefing Update

    SADA Goes All-In on Google Cloud Platform

    When it comes to public cloud, there are three leaders, and then all the rest. Those leaders are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). And they’re in that order, as well—AWS at the top, followed by Azure, with GCP in third. If that’s the case, does it… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  2. Briefing Update

    360in180: Taking Microsegmentation to the Next Level

    Security is top of mind for many an organization today as new attack vectors are devised and executed on every day.  Keeping up with the sheer diversity of potential areas of vulnerability is a primary concern as companies seek to stay out of the news and in business. The security market itself… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  3. Briefing Update

    360in180: Scale Computing Goes Small to Get Big with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

    There’s an interesting strategy at play in the world of hyperconverged infrastructure from Scale Computing. Whereas a lot of its competitors are looking to go big in all things, Scale's looking to go big by going small.   I had the opportunity to talk to Scale about a recent announcement. This w… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  4. Briefing Update

    Hybrid Cloud and Cloud-Native Apps On-Premises with Stratoscale

    In today's world, fast and agile are two of the biggest differentiators that separate a successful company and their failing competition. Software, cloud-native applications, and hybrid cloud are enablers of that agility and competitiveness. Stratoscale's software is what enables cloud-native applic… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  5. Briefing Update

    Robin.io Inks Partnership with Google Cloud to Transform Kubernetes Storage

    If you’re a developer in 2019, you’re aware of containers and if you’re aware of containers, you’re likely either using or considering using Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform that has quickly and handily won the container orchestration wars.  Created by Google, Kubernetes is… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  6. Briefing Update

    Aviatrix Simplifies Public Cloud Networking

    Networking is hard. It’s been hard since the early days of computing. It was hard with the rise of the x86-based data center, when commodity servers became a thing and moved into racks by the tens, dozens and hundreds. Having servers and other computers talk to each other is difficult enough when… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  7. Briefing Update

    How SoftNAS Is Like the U.S. Marines

    “Cloud native” is currently a major buzzword in the IT industry. Applications built to be used in the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, focus on things like microservices and distributed architectures, and they work at any scale. But here’s the thing: not everyone needs to, or is wi… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  8. Briefing Update

    TSO Logic Aims to Bring Order to the Chaos of Cloud Pricing

    The public cloud is different than the on-premises infrastructure that IT departments and their organization's accounting departments know well, and from long experience. To start with, the technical differences are substantial. Applications need to be architected or configured for scaling out rathe… Read More

    By James D. Green
  9. Briefing Update

    Burlywood Aims to Nudge Cloud Providers to an All-Flash Future

    The emergence of the hyperscale cloud providers coincides with a fundamental realignment of the data center hardware industry. As Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other huge server customers like Facebook buy the plurality of the server, networking and storage hardware produced for data centers, the v… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  10. Briefing Update

    DriveScale Expands Software Composable Infrastructure to Flash

    Flash storage is becoming crucial to the performance and scale of hyper-growth, modern workloads such as NoSQL and Spark because it provides higher performance than disk, while simultaneously offering smaller physical footprint and lower power usage. As the value of streaming analytics and machine l… Read More

    By James D. Green
  11. Briefing Update

    Cloudtenna Aims to Tame the Chaos of File Search Across Silos

    Answer: Dropbox. Slack. Gmail. File servers. Google Drive. JIRA. Salesforce. And way too many more. If your question was, “What are all of the possible locations for the single file I’m looking for and need this very minute?” then you win! Or, lose, as the case may be.  As companies contin… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  12. Briefing Update

    NooBaa V2 Addresses Next Generation of Cloud Storage Challenges

    There's a lot of buzz these days about supporting cloud migrations and having a multi-cloud strategy. Yet it's an open question if those are valid, current concerns or a matter for some point in the future. After all, migration away from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure or to Google C… Read More

    By James D. Green
  13. Briefing Update

    CloudEndure Finds Joint Answers to Issues of Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration

    IT departments usually look at the challenge of setting up disaster recovery in the cloud as discrete from the equally large challenge of migrating workloads from an on-premises environment to the cloud. Yet, those two challenges have a lot in common. One shared characteristic is speed. Whether y… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  14. Briefing Update

    Executive Briefing: Excelero Provides Performance of Local NVMe Across the Network

    There’s no doubt that Non-Volatile Memory express (NVMe) is the storage of the future. It’s extremely fast and low-latency; a perfect fit for workloads needing the highest level of performance currently available. That amazing performance, though, starts to take a hit as soon as you leave the… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  15. Briefing Update

    Executive Briefing: E8 Storage Pushes NVMe to the Edge

    There is a certain mindset in the industry (often promoted by vendors) that the faster the storage, the better. This is often more hype than reality: it’s quite possible that the best storage method for your cold data is, for example, good ol’ tape. It’s cheap, it’s reliable and it’s time-… Read More

    By Keith Ward
  16. Briefing Update

    Data In The Context of Digital Transformation

    In case you weren’t aware, we are on the cusp of a full-on data tsunami. Thanks to the digital transformation movement, there are a growing number of systems and devices in use in any given business, and they’re throwing off data which needs to be stored, protected, and often analyzed. Businesse… Read More

    By James D. Green
  17. Briefing Update

    Solving Cloud's Infrastructure Complexities With YotaScale Infrastructure Performance Management

    When it comes to optimizing today’s complex cloud environments, it almost seems that you need a Ph.D. in cloud computing just to understand all of the moving parts. There are countless variables on the infrastructure side to consider that are relevant to specific workloads and the KPIs that they n… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  18. Briefing Update

    Leverage AWS For High Performance Apps With WekaIO's Cloud-Based Parallel File System

    Amazon’s AWS is a great platform for many types of enterprise applications, but it wasn’t built for high-performance needs, like AI. The challenge is at the file system level and that’s where a new startup, WekaIO, is making a difference. At AWS re:Invent 2017, I met with the co-founder and… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  19. Briefing Update

    What’s New With Illumio: Security Without Infrastructure Dependencies

    It’s been a little bit over three years since Illumio emerged from stealth with its Adaptive Security Platform (ASP), which leverages micro-segmentation to offer security with granular visibility across data center and cloud environments. If you're new to micro-segmentation or Illumio, check out A… Read More

    By David M. Davis
  20. Briefing Update

    LucidLink Makes the Cloud Primary Storage for Your On-Prem Applications

    [su_note note_color="#ededed"]This is part of a continuing series of briefing reports with solution providers. It is not intended to be a comprehensive product review, but rather an overview of what the vendor brings to the market, and a snapshot of their value proposition at the time ActualTech Med… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe
  21. Briefing Update

    Taking Storage Optimization to the Next Level With Enmotus

    [su_note note_color="#ededed"]This is part of a continuing series of briefing reports with solution providers. It is not intended to be a comprehensive product review, but rather an overview of what the vendor brings to the market, and a snapshot of their value proposition at the time ActualTech Med… Read More

    By Scott D. Lowe